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Want beneficial result to efficiency

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Normal > headquarters is located in Denmark is one of the world's biggest water pump manufacturer, ge Lanfu water pump (Suzhou) limited company (the following abbreviation " Ge Lanfu " ) it is the production base that the group is in Asia-Pacific area, basically be engaged in water pump assembling produce with the spare parts, it is Ge Lanfu divide inside the group Denmark and Hungarian beyond the whole world the 3rd big plant. The amplification of nearly two years of addition as crop and scale of production, urgent need raises Ge Lanfu manufacturing efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost. Normal > regards cutting tool as the supplier, shanteweikekeleman is theoretical foundation with making economics " efficiency promotes a plan " PIP (Productivity Improvement Program) favorable result was obtained in Ge Lanfu. "Efficiency promotes a plan " have dual-purpose with the effect, it is promotion production efficiency, 2 it is to reduce manufacturing cost. PIP two purposes organic ground union was in one case, that produces cost through improving loss of efficiency namely, want beneficial result to efficiency. Accordingly, when Shanteweikekeleman the engineer puts forward to carry out " efficiency promotes a plan (PIP) " when, get Ge Lanfu instantly answer and support. Then, established personnel of You Gelan rich technology and the project that the engineer comprises Shanteweikekeleman jointly to improve a group. Normal > article place discusses case is an among them project, the product is the casing treatment of pump spare parts, cent of treatment working procedure is finished for two, complete the first process on horizontal machining center above all, complete the 2nd process on vertical lathe next. The first working procedure is the bottleneck that Ge Lanfu machines production, the working key of the project is to improve the first process, namely the manufacturing treatment on machining center. Normal > project group begins from field survey, careful observation had to workpiece and existing craft in the workshop and made detailed record, after discussing via research, project group put forward to improve working key: Normal > (1) the milling of the flange face of two end and underside facet uses the part two different diameters (D200mm and D80mm) milling cutter, cutting tool cost is higher, the time that change a knife is long, cutting tool stock is big; Normal > (2) the handling time of flange face and underside is long, can optimize cutter track diameter and cutting parameter; Normal > (3) the bore of flange face, although used the CD880 of D19, but cutting tool function comes out without complete play; Normal > (4) the face mill of face of two upright flange and underside and Kong Jia labour need workbench for many times dislocation, can optimize the dislocation frequency of workbench; Normal > (5) D18.

5mm bore, pour horn and Huo step, use 3 knives to finish, efficiency is low; Normal > (6) because this spare parts has two process,comprise, of handling time of two working procedure matching also want a consideration. Normal > project group is aimed at the treatment current situation of the spare parts, combine the real need of manufacturing management, put forward corresponding improvement plan: Normal > (1) the R245mm face milling cutter that uses a D200mm machines two flange face and underside at the same time, improve the treatment line of underside milling at the same time, improvement machines a state; Normal > (2) the old bit that uses 18mm, bit intensity increases. Normal > (3) the cutting parameter that raises CD880; Normal > (4) the treatment with original change is ordinal, reduce the dislocation of workbench; Normal > (5) use compound broach to finish bore, Huo step and pour wine cup; Normal > (6) after improving, the handling time of the first working procedure decreases greatly, original efficiency became treatment bottleneck instead relative to taller the 2nd working procedure, established the 2nd process that completes on the car to also undertake improvement to be in then, raise rotate speed and feed, make the handling time of this two working procedure achieves a kind to match reasonably. Normal > Ge Lanfu accepted major proposal, project group started PIP plan formally, pass 3 PA (efficiency analyses a report) the positive result that the form summarized a plan to carry out. Normal >PIP group improves manufacturing efficiency successfully 27% , time of annual and managing production 1488 (hour) , managing production cost 203091 yuan. Later, below bilateral effort, finished a series of efficiency to promote a plan jointly (PIP) , successful implementation wants beneficial result to efficiency, successful implementation Ge Lanfu and coke are full double win. Normal >normal > is in current economic environment, what machining company cares most is how to reduce manufacturing cost effectively, to comply with the client's demand, answer the challenge of financial crisis together with the client, the working centre of gravity before hill spy dimension overcomes coke see everywhere also will from how to promote efficiency to be changed for the client how be a client managing cost, rolled out formally " reduce cost to plan " (CRP, cost Reduction Program) . Arrive from PIP CRP, this is the change of a name not just, what what it represents is Shanteweikekeleman is fulfilling their brand commitment dependably -- focusing your success. In " reduce cost to plan " in, shanteweikekeleman's engineer will comb production to shed Cheng Zhongke to put forward in order to bring the process that cost reduces to improve a proposal together with the client, give below the premise that agrees with in the client carry out, reduce the total finished cost of the spare parts thereby, increase client gain capacity. CNC Milling CNC Machining