The work out of program of numerical control machine tool

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One, issue point Normal > numerical control is the inevitable medium that modern spare parts machines, it is high accuracy, high rate, automation, compound the compositive part that spend. Its principle is to pass a program to come pilot, say the plan that produces technology cannot leave the skill of to program so. The ─ of is necessary to know numerical control machine tool together with everybody today control medium ─ of informatization industry machine program. Normal > 2, the machine tool of treatment process numerical control of numerical control machine tool is to use digital information to have pilot machine tool namely, all motion of the machine tool, include advocate motion, feed motion reachs all sorts of auxiliary motion is to use the digital signal that inputs numerical control device to come pilot, pursue as follows: Normal > 3, the main content Normal >1, coordinate: Machine tool of every numerical control stipulates having corresponding coordinate is, it is to use flute of right hand right angle to get stuck commonly coordinate is, when work out program, go up with corresponding coordinate dimension namely " 10 " " one " will provide athletic way. Normal >2, code: Code of ① , EIA? ? It is the code that association of American electron industry sets, occurrence prior format of a kind of source code. Normal > ② , ISO? ? It is the code that international Organization for Standardization sets, common calls G code. Normal > ③ , 3B? ? It is the code that gains ground to be machined at line cut, it is machine tool of cut of line of our country numerical control integrate code of adoption 5 instructions 3B format. Normal >3, block: The block form that system of contemporary numerical control uses extensively is word address format. Normal >4, smallest set: It is to dictate what to cutting tool shift measures decide on the belt most subsection. Normal >5, feed: It is the feed speed of the outline of figuration of central edge workpiece of cutting tool. Normal > 4, Normal > to program is manual process designing and automatic process designing two kinds, different is latter will finish through the computer and corresponding software. Their form of presentation agrees basically, include to preparative function dictates G and auxiliary labour can dictate in the work out that dictates in craft M. Normal TEXT-ALIGN of code of Center" Align=center>G, M: Center" Align=center>Nnormal Align=center>Gnormal Align=center>Xnormal Align=center>Ynormal Align=center>Znormal Align=center>Fnormal Align=center>Snormal Align=center>Tnormal Align=center>Mnormal Align=center>LF or CRnormal Align=center> arranges serial number Normal Align=center> prepares functional Normal TEXT-ALIGN of dimension of motion of Center" Align=center> coordinate: Normal Align=center> craft: Center" Align=center> assists functional Normal Align=center> ends code Normal > ① , N represents the serial number of block, express with alphabetical N and 4 digit word. Normal > ② , G is to prepare functional instruction to be become by G and two digit block. Normal > ③ , X, Y, Z machines coordinate motion dimension of the axis on behalf of each respectively. Normal > ④ , F, S, T represents craft sex instruction, speed of F instruction feed, revolution of S instruction main shaft, t instruction has number. Normal > ⑤ , M is auxiliary function instruction, by M and composition of two digit word. Normal > ⑥ , LF or CR delegate end code, LF is the end date in ISO standard, CR is the end date in EIA code. (some using accord with " * " or " ; " express) Normal TEXT-ALIGN of 0pt">3B block format: Center" Align=center>Bnormal Align=center>Xnormal Align=center>Bnormal Align=center>Ynormal Align=center>Bnormal Align=center>Jnormal Align=center>Gnormal Align=center>Znormal Align=center>normal Align=center>X coordinate is worth Normal Align=center>normal Align=center>Y coordinate is worth Normal Align=center>normal TEXT-ALIGN of length of Center" Align=center> computation: Normal Align=center> computation: Center" Align=center> machines instruction Normal >1) , B represents program space sign, the action of numeric space of X, Y; Normal >2) , treatment of line segment of delegate of X, Y is terminal and opposite the coordinate position at start, its value should hold specific value only changeless, allow to narrow at the same time identical multiple. Normal >3) , computation length is decided really, after computation way is certain, computation length takes computation direction to procrastinate to terminus from start board mobile total space, namely the summation of umbriferous length on axis of computation direction coordinate. Normal >4) , a way that the choice of computation direction G should choose feed distance to grow quite in line segment treatment controls direction as feed length. Decide in the condition that circular arc terminus should treat in circular arc treatment. Last pace is bounds to be worth with 45 degrees of lines in coordinate quadrant, take GX when │ of Ye of │ of < of │ Xe │ , take GY when │ of Ye of │ of > of │ Xe │ . Normal >5) , the omnibus code name that treatment dictates Z is treatment instruction. It divides 12 kinds in all, among them instruction of circular arc treatment has 8 kinds. Following graphic representation: Normal >SR expresses to arrange a circle, NR expresses to go against a circle, the start photograph that the number shows this circular arc is quadrantal to coordinate of the centre of a circle, instruction of straight line segment expresses with L, the number from the back states photograph of this line segment is quadrantal to the coordinate of start. Normal > 5, in the craft analysis work out in numerical control program, craft analysis is very important, because it is whole,automation has treatment process, do not need a person participate in, the issue that need not consider in general accuracy machine tool must want to give in CNC Machining regulation. For instance situation of the labor in working procedure is arranged, take cutter track line, the appearance of cutting tool and cutting dosage and jockey, of cooling fluid stop etc, have the authorized strength of reasonable consideration program only, ability falls to machine the spare parts in highest efficiency circumstance. Normal > 6, what complier language controls machine tool function as number is perfect with each passing day, the high speed of informatization industry develops, numerical control machine tool already replaced general accuracy machine tool stage by stage, this makes the value that lets more people understand process designing, maintain grasp future to machine technology in the hand, develop ego. CNC Milling CNC Machining