The use condition of numerical control lathe and operation are normative

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Introduction: Numerical control lathe is a kind of high accuracy, efficient automation machine tool, deploy multitask knife tower or dynamical knife tower, the machine tool is had add technical properties extensively, favorable economic result was produced in the batch production of complex part. In unit process of cargo bandling, operation personnel must notice the basic standard of the use condition of numerical control lathe and operation. Use of the lathe of numerical control of   of use condition   of numerical control machine tool normally must satisfy following requirements, the machine tool is located wave motion of power source voltage is small, environmental temperature under 30 Celsius, opposite temperature is less than 80% . One, the influence that the position of machine tool of numerical control of   of   of requirement of environment of machine tool position should be far from Zhen Yuan to should avoid smooth direct illuminate and hot extent, avoid the effect of moisture and air current. If there is Zhen Yuan near the machine tool, criterion machine tool all around should set vibration isolation channel. Machine what affect a machine tool directly precision and stability otherwise, will make electronic component contact undesirable, malfunction, affect the reliability of the machine tool. 2, installation of lathe of ordinary numerical control of   of   of power source requirement is in machine job shops, not only environmental temperature change is big, use condition is poor, and all sorts of Electromechanical equipment are much, cause wave motion of electrified wire netting to be installed accordingly greatly, the position of numerical control lathe needs power source voltage to wave motion of voltage of strict control power source must be in inside limit, and maintain relative stability can affect the regular job of numerical control system otherwise. 3, the environmental temperature of lathe of numerical control of   of temperature condition   under 30 Celsius, opposite temperature is less than 80% . Generally speaking, numerical control is electronic-controlled box interior sets a fan or cold fan, in order to carry electronic element, especially temperature of central processor job constant or temperature poor change is very little. Exorbitant temperature and humidity will bring about life of control system component to reduce, cause breakdown increase. The heighten of temperature and humidity, dirt grow in quantity can be in integrated circuit board generation felt, bring about short circuit. 4, the regulation that presses a manual uses user of   of machine tool   to be when machine tool of use numerical control, do not allow to change the parameter that controls set of the manufactory inside the system at will. The set of these parameter matters to a machine tool directly feature of each component trends. Only numerical value of clearance compensating parameter can give according to actual condition adjust. The user cannot change at will machine tool accessory, if use,exceed the hydraulic pressure chuck that the manual sets. The manufactory is when setting accessory, mature of each link parameter match. Change blindly those who cause each link parameter do not match, cause the accident that estimation is less than even. The handles normative     to drop numerical control device operating trouble of numerical control lathe should want not only from management, craft, groom, the much link such as supervisory examination undertakes precautionary, the basis pursues the research of the experience of numerical control and numerous case for years, summary gives machine tool of the following numerical control to prevent operating trouble regulations, can have positive direct effect to the precaution of operating trouble: 1) numerical control equipment decides a person to decide machine operation, facility must not be not operated before qualified. 2) personnel must have done two above to talk things over when operation equipment hand over workpiece, forbidden change without operating personnel to agree with do sth without authorization facility status. 3) operation personnel should strengthen vocational study ceaselessly, raise responsibility heart ceaselessly. 4) before first treatment must microscope program, and classics is odd paragraph of treatment test is rear can undertake be machininged automatically. 5) after be being revised to program and data must close check, machine measure to carry out by first. 6) to process designing medium coordinate origin and the choice of the dot that change a knife must accomplish safety first, no risk at all. 7) reasonable choose cutting parameter, wait like quantity of rotate speed, cutting, feed, put an end to excess load to use device. 8) semifinished product of close check work, too big to semifinished product appearance (or too small) person must foreclose. 9) outfit of workpiece, prop places indispensible means, position reasonable, clamping force adjustment is appropriate. 10) clip of knife handle outfit is indispensible and firm reliable. 11) necessary discretion is attentive in the operation, collision happens when taking strict precautions against a hand to use mobile machine tool. 12) equipment appears unusual or accident hitting a car, must inform maintenance technician inspects equipment condition instantly, must not conceal protracted. 13) groom without major and approbate, forbidden adjust and revise machine tool parameter. 14) identify clear fact to explain according to the operation daily on time service facilities, fill in according to the facts watch of equipment spot check. 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