The advantage in corroding bore technology to be machined in horniness material is clear

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When alveolus is gotten on horniness material, corrode bore to be able to show its peculiar advantage. Even if the diameter is only 0.

OK also and relaxed, accurate, high quality ground machines the electrode of 1mm. Use deepness process designing special software, also can mix to dimension deepness in bore process corrode character to bring to bear on influence. Machine photograph comparing with traditional bore, corrode bore to have definite advantage. For example, when traditional bore, the diameter can have particular problem in the bore under 1mm. And diametical limits is in 0.

1~3 Mm (the diameter below special situation can achieve 10 Mm even) , corrode bore to be able to replace power drill aperture completely at this moment. Because traditional broach can happen,rupture, wear away, or need burnish, and corrode bore to be able to save a large number of time and cost. Electric spark corrodes treatment to be spent in bore diameter, verticality and cylinder, exterior quality, and flatness respect, can assure extremely tall precision, even if is to quench the metal that pass also can undertake cankerous bore. And, still can avoid what the plank in sclerosis of the repass after traditional bore may appear to quench be out of shape. A kind of any conductor can be machined, even if tungsten, titanium, because division nickel alloy, Ha Si is able to bear or endure especially corrode nickel base alloy, stainless steel alloy, and molybdenum such ab extra tasting also is such. Graph the 1 Apos 800 CNC that uses base of mineral cast machine tool and new-style drive and control technology corrode drilling machine to corrode drilling machine (see a picture 1) basically use at mould, cutting tool to make, aerospace, machine and equipment are made, industry of vitreous industry, automobile and medical treatment technology (pursue 2, 3. Main application limits includes bore, atomizer bore and give pneumatic drill aperture to wait. For example, on the cast mould of automobile industry, the cooling bore of plastic mould, vacuum bore or exhaust bore, the cooling bore on turbine machine lamina and cooling bore. Quality is high, cost is low and have efficient the standard that is treatment. Of Heun company corrode drilling machine to have diametical deepness to compare 700 × D, can use a diameter for 0.

The electrode of 1~6 Mm, electric corrode speed can amount to 60mm/min or 65 Mm/min when processing steel and stainless steel, machining aluminium or 200 Mm/min can be amounted to when titanium. Graph the atomizer of 2 derv engine pursues 3 use 200mm to grow electric corrode the atomizer of perforative bore pursues 4 burn wear identify device to be in charge of be in enter the mouth and accurate electric corrode deepness is achieved below the circumstance with exit extremely steep angle, and do not damage the rear wall of clingy the reverse side uses what electric corrode drilling machine enters workpiece surface to get a mouth very steep, although be below the circumstance without accurate bore deepness data,also can have accurate control. We developed a kind of system, can be in wear away with electrode the circumstance that have nothing to do allots those who show electrode to burn wear, the control equipment that passes a machine can take step, so that retrospective bore process is medium characteristic to hole depth dimension and electric corrode curve brings to bear on influence. The person that a lot of use knows the problem that creates in process, that is electrode experiencing different level when electric corrode wear away, consequently very difficult implementation can repeat electric corrode deepness accurately. In addition, the condition of electric corrode process is burning the meeting when wearing to produce fundamental change, cause electric corrode continue on the axis the time that the time that feed 2~3 Mm needs and the aperture place that are 100 Mm than getting a deepness need is euqally long. This can have certain effect to the diametical accuracy of bore, to electrode the geometrical appearance in cone-shaped body and circular motion respect also has certain effect. Manufacturer Heun company found major of electric corrode bore to be able to decrease as far as possible appear a kind of method of these problems, the question that raises formerly comes from turbine machine lamina to create a field. Famous turbine mechanism built manufacturer to use Heun system, cooling air aperture is machined with extremely steep entrance and exit angle on turbine lamina. This task is to be below the circumstance with material unidentified ply, assure the perforative sex of bore, not the attaint is clingy rear wall with its rear. And the sort of deepness process designing that uses normally is impossible to finish this job. The plan of Apos series machine tool of new research and development is exhibited in AMB appear first on the meeting. The taller requirement that the client raises, especially in the journey longer, 5 axes are machined, and on the machine tool with precision high demand, made Heun company design give structure of a kind of module, the makes with mineral concrete bed system that develops technically. This kind of new-style drive and the advantage that dominate program are: The thermal stability with be had better, mechanical tigidity the taller, force that prop up is more powerful, and not sensitive to vibration. The user interface with the friendly height with Apos series original machine tool passes a machine tool redesign got rising further again, control equipment and dynamo are located in respectively in two independent switch ark. This is one is covered an area of little compact model machine tool, the new-style case that stainless steel makes satisfied top safe level, the oil groove that can regard water bath as machine or oil bath machine even has options is used. CNC Milling CNC Machining