New patent of malic Force Touch but the exterior contact of imitate material

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[Summary] the apple will is opposite the Force Touch that uses on new MacBook or Apple Watch is touched at many o'clock accuse board undertake buildup, can use vibration, imitate metabolic surface. Recently, bureau of American patent brand passed a when the apple applies for new patent, this patent still is concerned with Force Touch technology. This patent will become technology of feedback of Force Touch touch more mature, more advanced, can the sense that the appearance that imitate gives different capable person to pledge brings an user to differ, for instance lumber or metal, the user feels even shake locally or temperature changes. It is reported, this patent name is " the surface of imitate material is contacted " , the apple will is opposite the Force Touch that uses on new MacBook or Apple Watch is touched at many o'clock accuse board undertake buildup, can use vibration, imitate metabolic surface. According to the description of new patent, this kind of vibration is used with at present Force Touch is touched accuse board in similar tactile engine, nevertheless aux will be able to of this kind of engine supports at the same time quite transverse with fore-and-aft shift. Additional, this system still can use capacitance sensor, fixed position sensor, force to become aware the sensor data that detects, show the position and pressure go up in screen. At the same time the apple still is met add this one skill the computer to show a technology to go up, the user produces the grain with glass, lumber or plastic different qualitative material in imitate of the meeting when clicking screen. The pattern of wood should be shown on screen for instance, the user can be in touch the feeling when accusing to get the touch with lumber close. The pressure that passes finger adjusts shaking strength, imitate gives different material to reflex the different strength that give. The most interesting part in this patent is an apple the plan uses the device with Peltier similar perhaps device to create temperature to differ. Peltier equipment is hot pump of a kind of solid state, it can let temperature pass another from a of equipment, this basically depends on voltaic direction, can give out heat already also can cool. And the temperature that can bring an user to differ directly so is experienced, should use householder time to put finger imitate metal or glass for instance apparently, next screen is local with respect to can elevatory temperature, asing if is the user delivered temperature screen go up really. And these are all the component that diagnoses a function not to need to differ, should move through pressing report to send only implement, can combine generation quantity of heat. All the time since, the apple anounces huge interest to tactile feedback system, we see include new MacBook and Apple Watch to wait used this technology. Especially new MacBook is the system that used independence more, inside buy strength sensor, shake electric machinery and Taptic engine controller, can spot an user the operation that the big zonule of different strength will come to to differ. Industry has had a lot of companies to begin to try tactile feedback system to draft distinct grain tactile impression before, for instance the technology of academy function research and development mixes Microsoft and Disney of the apple more similar, just at present this technology still is in stand-in, and in the product that the apple had begun to apply its his. Many users had used Force Touch to touch accuse board, true to what its bring " click a feeling " they still gave out to be evaluated well, accordingly we imagine how the apple can is opposite not hard also this technology undertakes more is perfected. This patent of the apple is referred first in October 2013, patent inventor is Paul G.

Puskarich. Interesting is, the apple still was invented before Puskarich additionally one is touched about new MacBook accuse board tactile feedback is patent, just this patent is early at that time had referred before 3 years. CNC Milling CNC Machining