High speed machining center produces medium application in car component

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Auto industry is opposite for the machining industry such as aviation, spaceflight, shipping, machine tool, its highlight a characteristic is production lot big, treatment metre is short, to get used to the big batch of this kind of single work to produce, using private plane or private plane transfer matic to undertake machining production is most of economy, consequently a kind of the most general also choice. However, the requirement of current car user to the diversification of the car, individuation, the product that forces car company is changed model faster and faster, product breed numerous and complicated is diversiform, the big batch that the big batch production of single before work turned a variety of workpiece into addition of respective lesser batch alternate is produced, accordingly, the modular machine tool that will in the car make an industry take regnant place for years (private plane) the real need that product line already cannot satisfy automobile industry to be updated quickly, private plane or private plane transfer matic although efficiency is tall, but what restricted treatment however is flexible, make the adaptability that the machine tool changes to machining spare parts breed very poor. To solve this difficult problem, high speed, efficient new generation machining center -- emerge as the times require of high speed machining center, solved treatment well flexible contradict with what update with crop, investment, satisfied automobile industry at present much breed, large quantities of quantities, the requirement of little investment, also satisfied this kind of requirement that car component produces at the same time. The machining center of characteristic high speed of high speed machining center is to show main shaft rotate speed exceeds 10000r/min, feed speed exceeds 40m/min, feed acceleration is more than 0.

5G (5m/s2) a kind of machining center. To realize high speed, big cutting the volume falls stable treatment, general, high speed machining center has following construction characteristic: 1.

Rotate speed of main shaft of main shaft of high rotate speed is too low cannot satisfy manufacturing efficiency requirement, rotate speed is exorbitant bring a variety of adverse elements in dependability respect. Rotate speed of main shaft of high speed machining center is in surely commonly 46, 16000 turn / between cent. For this, first-rate construction program is inside the electric main shaft that fits straight drive pattern, in use of electric main shaft is not dismountable, do not need to maintain, do not need square. Installation of main shaft rotor is on ball bearing of compound pottery and porcelain, use three-point support means to be mixed in order to make sure tall trends is rigid precision. In stator and rotor bearing all around special water-cooling system gives out heat in order to absorb. 2.

Dynamic balancing and the main shaft rotate speed that because its are tall,the structure that heats up a balance designs high speed machining center, high feed rate reachs tall feed acceleration, ask its structure design has tall static tigidity and dynamic tigidity necessarily. For this, depart of device of some general hydraulic pressure and main shaft is placed, shake the influence of pair of main shaft precision in order to decrease. Facility construction is hot semmetry completely, because heat is out of shape,can avoid to make so the positional deflection of main shaft and workpiece. To prevent to be the cutting of main heat source bits causes heat lopsided, some makes cut bits to be absent to be gone up to reach by treatment workpiece from the design on the structure stay on tray, and carry through the screw type of two side is being overspread to discharge bits in Z axis implement will cut bits to discharge cutting fluid box quickly, decrease in order to make by the influence that cuts the heat that bits causes the smallest. To assure athletic tigidity and stability, the design of high speed machining center follows the following principle normally: (1) the force that makes to each axis place is from beginning to end on the axes of each centre of gravity, be quickened in order to avoid and of structural member of the equipment when decelerate swing. (2) the oriented device of mobile component also is in plane of centre of gravity to go up, be quickened with stabilizing the structure of equipment to avoid and of the structural member when decelerate swing. (3) use component mosaic structure, improve the treatment technology of the component, in order to reduce the weight of mobile component. (4) each axis is measured undertake in thrust center, so that get the most accurate measurement,result and position repeat the stability with the biggest precision. 3.

Tall tigidity propped up what machining center of lathe bed high speed uses formula of coordinate boring machine mostly to propped up lathe bed at 3 o'clock at 3 o'clock, pass finite yuan of analysis method (FEM) the structural design that undertakes tall tigidity, maintain tall tigidity and stability, locate with needing to undertake puissant cutting is mixed for many times even in the oldest floating rate in mobile treatment, can achieve rigid best status. 4.

Linear scroll slideway is together tigidity and precision integratedly goodly speed of the biggest feed reachs each coordinate of high speed machining center to move quickly speed is in commonly 40m/min above, these are to be in be able to bear or endure accurately come true on the system of slideway of guide screw of sharp movement ball of attrition. Ball guide screw uses ball of unoccupied place prestressing force of very close to each other, of slideway lubricant use ration to lubricate, by lubricant center is finished. This kind of system has excellent stability and dynamic tigidity, can make to the instruction of the computer answer quickly. 3 coordinate of some machine tools use the travel of new-style structure to measure ball guide screw, reduce scroll inertia for utmost, guide screw is fixed do not make turn and turn by nut of guide screw of ball of drive of leather belt of tooth form of digital motor classics. 5.

Using cutting tool of type of clamp of HSK of cutting tool of HSK clamp type to place outfit means is the cutting tool that is aimed at high speed machining center technically, its static state and dynamic tigidity are very strong and can already safety conveys efficiently again torque. 6.

In changing knife and pallet changer to circulate quickly in a cutting of machining center, the time that change a knife and pallet changer time often have majorrer proportion. On machining center of traditional blame high speed, the time that change a knife (cut bits to arrive cut bits) amount to 14~20s left and right sides, and pallet changer time needs 3min longer even, do not suit undoubtedly for the treatment of car spare parts that this asks to production of large quantities of quantities, fast rhythm. And high speed machining center is designed so that with its rotate speed of tall main shaft, Gao Jin gives speed and feed acceleration to match in this two respects, the time that change a knife (cut bits to arrive cut bits) can achieve 3.

5s left and right sides, pallet changer time can decrease to be 6s only. And every workbench has index mechanism of accurate rat platen again in order to ensure graduation of accurate 360 ° divide into equal parts. If the user needs, also can get graduation of 360000 divide into equal parts, offer the tigidity when the Gao Rou sex that machines treatment of all sorts of exterior spare parts and job. High speed machining center processes the application in industry in car component 1.

The application in industry of car component treatment is current, all sorts of large, medium-sized, small-sized, odd main shaft or double main shaft, from sheet of manual fluctuation makings tray type arrives flexible the machining center of high speed of much tray type of production unit already received wider application in car component industry, they basically apply at lid of cylinder body, cylinder, difference fast implement the housing, connecting rod, gear-box carapace, production line that changes section and other to a variety of spare partses, show good integral performance. According to the demand of product output and user, product line of high speed machining center can decorate bunchy couplet type (working procedure is dispersive) , shunt-wound type (working procedure is centered) with Composite. It is at present in auto industry product line of Composite assign application the widest, can gain optimal production efficiency, those who keep enough is flexible with dependability, be helpful for going up in installment the product line when batch is decorated. The amount of shunt-wound machine tool that Composite arranges should be between 1~4 stage. In 20 centuries 90 time are prime, people often overemphasized treatment is tall ask flexibly and ignore high speed machining center the limitation in craft of a few treatment. The course fumbles for years, current, people thinks product line of reasonable car spare parts ought to be only, the plan of soft union. For example, cover the treatment with cylinder body to car engine cylinder, only, soft union plan can generalize for: (1) planar treatment: Aluminous -- high speed machining center; Cast-iron, steel -- CNC Milling. (2) medium, alveolus is, screw -- high speed machining center; Irregular reach small-sized and planar milling -- high speed machining center. (3) important special appearance is machined (boring crock aperture, crankshaft aperture, camshaft aperture, aperture length oil) -- flexible private plane or modular machine tool. Give priority to the product line that make to have the characteristic that be as follows by high speed machining center: (1) reach the designated position according to output demand and investment degree, realize a project to divide a pace to carry out easily, progressively and patulous equipment. (2) when change manufactures variety, do not need large-scale adjust and replace facility. Invest built product line, not only can satisfy now the demand of the market, also can satisfy prospective market to be opposite the manufacturing demand of new product. (3) as a result of its speed, high feed rate reachs tall cutting to change the auxiliary time such as the knife shortly, manufacturing efficiency is consequently tall. As a result of equipment of the much on product line by same kind type is formed, master easily, facilitating maintenance and spare parts prepare, carry tall rate of equipment in good condition. 2.

Dragon of applied example god Motor Corporation on July 21, 2005 of put into production produce per year 220 thousand a product line of lid of crock of 16 gas a powerful person, give priority to with high speed machining center namely, private plane is complementary car spare parts machines product line, the private plane on product line uses treatment spare parts not to produce metabolic position, and the place that high speed machining center basically is in charge of machining the need on the spare parts to change, such can efficiency of production of give attention to two or morethings and flexible change the requirement of two respects. This project is divine dragon company 2 period the crucial project of development, invest more than 200000000 yuan, machining center uses machining center of J4M of Japanese herd tough firm high speed, treatment of all fronts cutting is finished by machining center of 31 J4M high speed, these machining center comprise 9 " treatment island " , every " treatment island " mix by manipulator of door of dragon of a double arm 5 machining center comprise 3 ~ , one " treatment island " it is a working procedure namely: Treatment content is identical between machining center. Auxiliary equipment includes vessel / valve base press, block a lid up / steel ball press, sealing detects the machine, cleaning machine, machine that make bid. Can satisfy divine dragon TU and EW at the same time the production of crock lid mixed flow of two series, take the lead in will " treatment island " , along with travel tray, robot, PROFIIBUS the multinomial technology such as bus line tries to be applied integratedly, automation degree and technical content are very high, be in lead position in home. Rotate speed of main shaft of machining center of this high speed exceeds 16 000r/min, feed speed exceeds 50m/min, the product is changed model time does not exceed 20min. The crock builds the aluminium alloy of 16 gas a powerful person that this product line already can manufacture 4 variety to the end of 2005, daily output more than 700, satisfied the need of new product of divine dragon company. Epilogue reachs the characteristic with current car changeful market as the high speed development of our country auto industry, every automobile factory produces the car product of high quality, low cost, diversification only, ability lies to be mixed actively on car market favorable position. The machines craft and process instrumentation occurrence of high speed machining center and development, for our country auto industry especially the development of car component offerred the solution with a kind of feasible and efficient economy. CNC Milling CNC Machining