Digitlize the plant technology application in oil cylinder industry

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[editor's note] 2012 is " 925 " the program carries out the 2nd year, also be a very important year. Put forward in industry of tool of Chinese machine tool " 925 " during in the key task that Chongzhongzhi weighs the industry, special put forward to want " the integrated service capability that exert oneself promotes the high end in facing the market " . The industry company effort in this respect and as will final to industry of machine tool tool implementation by change greatly swipe lays solid foundation. The expands quickly to satisfy an industry demand that serves an user attentively, reduce the dependence of pair of abroad products and technology, machine of 31 essence of life throw a large number of capital and force to undertake oil cylinder of grab hydraulic pressure digitlizes intelligent factory of compositive technology project carry out. The article with respect to this project fundamental condition undertakes brief introducing, while hope industry is sharing its technology breakthrough and project sense, mining gives more to serve national economy to build the main project of key domain. One, the grab of hydraulic pressure of market current situation that grab uses oil cylinder is global project machine accepted the biggest machine is planted, current, chinese grab already became industry of Chinese project machinery to grow the fastest aircraft to plant, have decisive place. In last few years, as national economy construction sails drive, hydraulic pressure grab achieves blowout type growth. Predicting 2011-2015 year during, good in national interest policy is aided push, chinese grab market will form a force that affects overall situation stage by stage. Grab is special hydraulic pressure oil cylinder is one of grab core components, oil cylinder of 4 hydraulic pressure needs on a grab normally, include to fight bar crock, luffing jib crock, bucket crock and push a bottle of jar. The high speed of grab industry grows, brought grab the rapid growth of industry of oil cylinder of special hydraulic pressure. Manufacturer of large project machine has plant of his fluid casting die normally, create the hydraulic pressure that its need yuan parts of an apparatus. But because grab is right the technical demand of hydraulic pressure oil cylinder is very high, at present oil cylinder of special hydraulic pressure basically still relies on our country grab professional company will supply, and major support with Japanese KYB, Korea Electromechanical mixes Dong Yang the little loose hydraulic pressure abroad brand that give priority to. 2, machine of 31 essence of life carry on the market demand that oil cylinder digitlizes intelligent factory to hand in key project project to upgrade ceaselessly to satisfy, develop own innovation product, machine of 31 essence of life limited company open join key project, carried on the system of factory of intelligence of digitlization of 31 groups oil cylinder is compositive the technology outputs a project. This company is established by 31 groups investment, headquarters is located in garden of Shanghai plain sanded industry, have elder brother mountain, without stannum two big production create base. The research and development that basically pursues accurate machine tool, make and sell, the product includes gold to cut component of machine tool, forming machine bed, compositive technology, function to wait for 4 kinds big. Hold to " character changes the world " company mission, 31 essence machine devotes oneself to to contribute brand of machine tool of a world-class for China. 1.

Mill-owner of intelligence of digitlization of oil cylinder of project brief introduction should include piston lever product line, crock canister product line and assembly line to wait, covered car, mill, grind, polishing, heat treatment, solder, eletroplate, blow roller, clean, assemble, hit a code to read the of all kinds equipment such as outfit of code, besmear, deserve additionally to the workshop discharges bits, concentration centrally MCIS(of system of informatization of system of informatization of content shedding, enterprise, factory, workshop makes cooling, automation control information) the system. The fundamental compose of intelligent factory becomes numerical control machine tool and automation content to sort equipment. According to demand, use the advanced technique on international and sound program, the CNC facility that has process designing function and long-range data to receive a function and PLC equipment, deserve to go up to discharge bits, concentration centrally content shedding, workshop always accuses cooling, automation the unit such as the system, break stand-alone treatment and artificial content to spread the way of have a change of luck, realize product line thereby automation, intelligence is changed and flexible change a requirement. The implementation of intelligent factory asks besides the hardware such as equipment outside, still need the software such as digital chemical plant, fictitious prototype prop up. Its superstratum is neurological be a workshop advocate control network system, adopt MCIS system, undertake with the equipment on product line information is mixed interactively control, from production order government, content sheds the respect such as management, quality management, equipment management, cutting tool management, unusual monitoring management to achieve informatization administration, the intelligence that realizes a factory finally turns production. 2.

Project characteristic and advanced sex are current product line place is with craft domestic and international more advanced treatment means, crucial working procedure broke through a tradition to machine a method, this also is the window place of product line. Be like: Piston lever dangler solders use friction welding to receive kind, improve manufacturing efficiency greatly not only, and solder the annulus seam welding of quality outclass tradition receives kind; Crock canister flange solders used a robot to solder, while treatment efficiency rises, solder quality also got promotion likewise; Eletroplate use full automatic eletroplate line, of the spare parts eletroplate tradition of quality far outclass eletroplates artificially means; Cleaning machine uses advanced carbolic hydrogen means to replace traditional bath pattern, the exterior cleanness that raised a part not only is spent. And carbolic hydrogen clear lotion can be used circularly, avoid waste of water natural resources to cause an effect to the environment; Assembly line is used automatic and semi-automatic assemble what change equipment to replace a tradition artificially, rise assemble quality while, greatly reduced artificial operation time and the uncertainty that bring artificially. Place should deploy feet of high accuracy grating with the machine tool, overall use full closed-loop control. Cutting kind the machine tool has lock of functional each other, realize 3 axes linkage and interpolation. The machine tool uses system of advanced numerical control, provide long-range control software and software of network edition DNC, in order to realize the long-range control to the machine tool, diagnose and data is transmitted. Deserve to have cutting tool management center, and stock is opposite automatically knife function. Of all kinds equipment all has protection of journey limits control, soft limit, journey protection, UPS to cut off the power the multiple protection function such as protection of protection, pitching moment overload. Production unit has locks of a variety of protective function each other, ensure the person that handles personnel is safe. Applied intelligence changes control and system of servo frequency conversion, reduce specific power consumption. Advocate the data that controlling a network is the facility of product line CNC that combines through MCIS system photograph and PLC equipment is collected and monitoring information platform. Have the following characteristic: (1) system design ensures advanced sex and modernization; (2) system framework is had open sex and but expansibility; (The each informatization system such as ERP of conformity of 3) business flow, MES, implementation uploads make known to lower levels, satisfy manufacturing need jointly; (4) ensures from soft hardware framework and data systematic Gao Ke uses a sex; (5) produces flow to be carried out automatically as far as possible, the operation is convenient; (6) production manages a system to set user limits of authority, prevent not the systematic operation of accredit. Digital chemical plant develops an environment through fictitious product, use computer technology and network technology, opposite produces each segment of the project, operating measure, the disparate arrangement of ideas such as manufacturing unit, product line, factory undertakes designing, emulate, analyse and optimize. It plans to be core with technology program and product line, how does research organize manufacturing issue, content of program of program of implementation product technology, product line static state, workshop flows to emulate and be optimized etc, achieve shorten plant construction cycle, reduce construction cost, actor to change craft layout and the end that optimize content to circulate plan. Manufacturing management system includes ERP and MES system. Its make full use of informatization technology, from production plan make known to lower levels, stock deserves to send, manufacturing metre, finishing affirm, standard exercise guidance, quality management, close heavy mail bar code to collect wait for many dimension to spend undertake tubal accusing, pass a network to transmit spot information well and truly manufacturing supervisor and policymaker in real time. If pursue,1 is shown. Graph 1 production runs systematic flow chart   3.

After the project finishs devoted production, society and economic benefits should be produced can predict to be able to be achieved annual 320 thousand oil cylinder, hold 30% markets share about. Will produce good society and economic benefits. Above all, from economic benefits, will raise oil cylinder of Chinese grab hydraulic pressure to produce level and automation rate; Reduce pair of abroad technologies to count level, reduce entrance product and technical investment cost; Rise oil cylinder and dig machine is own the brand is add value and product international competition ability; Implementation China is produced oneself dig export of engine oil crock the breakthrough of 0; Stimulative fluctuation swims the development of relevant industry. In the meantime, in social benefit respect, industry of machinery of project of will active stimulative our country masters core technology, of mechanical to the project industry upgrade bring urge action actively; In producing a course, discharge without great contaminant, reduce the discharge capacity of original sewage, get used to requirement of urban environmental protection better. CNC Milling CNC Machining