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Agile, essence is accurate, can repeat: Laser produced dozen of mark of the domain, cut and soldering application to already reached the degree of reach the limit in medical treatment technology. We never resemble taking health seriously so today. Besides the doctor's skill and medicines and chemical reagents, medical treatment technology also is the critical essential factor that makes health and high quality living. Be in Germany, have 11 about, 000 companies and 150, 000 personnel devote oneself to the development of medical treatment technology and manufacturing work. The diversity as a result of visit course of study and the much that involve is small company, innovation becomes very crucial. Be taught according to heart volition federal and study the research of the ministry, appear on the market two years the company of medical treatment technology that the following product can help Germany has achieved the sale of half. According to report of year of 2006/07 of association of technology of German medical treatment, the sale that exceeds 7% on average is used at throwing research and development. Be compared and character, the sale of 5% throws industry of heavy chemical industry afresh research and development, and manufacturing industry is 3.

8% . The research of German Munich Patent Office shows the patent of medical treatment technology exceeds 14, 700, 11 what routine course of study invents head of a list of names posted up and take all application.

4% . Rank ever since is communication project, occupy 10% and data treatment, occupy 6.

7% . Global circumstance also is roughly such. According to the investigation of American doctor, the technology produces grade to list the 6th when the 10 big the most serious medical treatment in going 30 years innovate. Bone annulus is gotten it is with the person this technical innovation considers to need innovation to produce. Fall in the circumstance closely related technology and human body health especially, this bit is more more important than appearing in other sphere. Can get than operation appliance cut without what thing deeper. Like aneurism clip such important and embedded content may look like a clip, but when should involving neurosurgery operation, the issue that affects life and death namely then. Resemble pacemaker the one part that such dynamic and embedded content is human body even. Be opposite as a result of medical apparatus and instruments material, product quality and the demand that machine documentation are quite high, this has very harsh production environment and good technology program with respect to the requirement - but what just laser technology is good at this. As a result of the versatility of laser and special ability, it is the cut, optimal production tool that solder and makes product of technology of tender medical treatment. Connect ministry of technology of quick medical treatment to apply manager Dr. Alexander Knitsch to describe so: "Laser is the pioneer of miniaturization. Laser is the pioneer of imperceptible treatment, it makes the design of a lot of new products becomes completely likely, be like those who be used at making bid the smallest laser of diameter of 25 micron focus and those who be used at exterior material purify and small treatment is the smallest laser of diameter of 10 micron focus. " additional, laser can locate accurately to 1 micron. Although this numerical value still is changed theoretically at present, get the limitation of mechanical axis and whole system performance. Laser is adjusted accurately, such thermal conductivity control hand-in-hand travel to adjust into what can get essence of life allows in order to cater to temperature the character of sensitive data. The flexibility of laser height is special apply to product breed various but the appliance domain that is small lot demand only. OK and artificial or small unit is semi-automatic turn production. To mass production, laser is OK and simple and easy ground automation is compositive go up to product line. Fast handling time and CAD data are handy and deferent improved efficiency to machine control unit. The hands in key solution or individual system configuration usability of professional and compositive business depends on requirement and existing internal ability. Limited company of technology of laser of innovation of compositive like the United States business (such ILT) company knows what medical treatment technology needs and recommend the laser solution that already was used in program process. ILT author and main shareholder Steven D.

Weiss says: "Systematic success is truly initial apply at how designing component and their combination. " titanium is embedded system but reduplicative quality is well-known, laser and operation essence spend be closely bound up definitely. They are can fast, reliable the ground finishs the job, have pulse to be opposite pulse stability and consistent, but reduplicative quality. German endoscope expert Wolfgang Karl of manager of company laser department says Carl Shituosi: "To us, the dominant position with the largest laser is frequency of workpiece do poorly done work over again little. " " use laser can simplify likewise machine program, the working procedure of a few products can decrease 50% the left and right sides. " he continues say. The exterior quality that laser machines is high-energy accord with medical treatment flawless, groove, crease, the requirement of burr or crackle. For example, solder with laser endoscope is in charge of juncture, the surface flowing, indestructible, have like fundamental material in that way biology consistence. Stuff stuff is so not necessary. The person that affect as cut is cleaned to Gao Jian sex and high temperature is antiseptic have immune power in that way, use appropriate parameter to be able to come true on appliance permanent, the laser of high quality makes bid. For example, the surface that the cut angle bright of the complex and embedded system that is used at fracture slips and the brim that do not have burr. Contact of laser beam welding has stable strength. For example, the solder contact that there is volume of a few microns only on bracket of nickel titanium alloy can bear the pressure that amounts to 70 Newton. Besides the high quality requirement of single work, the production of important part also should be had consistent, can repeat and but the characteristic of test and verify. The change of quality and wide extensive public errand are eliminated to be besides the production of product of medical treatment technology. A not quite perfect pacemaker is unimaginable. The technology of beam of light with advanced height ensures begin those who unite to have from the first workpiece, but reduplicative quality assures. Need power photograph to compare with place, the real power of the 1 small second that connects fast newest laser is 1000, 000 / second. Every 10 small seconds, pulse can be adjusted. Normally, length of a pulse, namely 5 small seconds, pulse is formed can adjust at will. The data of use high quality stores the tool can be recorded and save relevant parameter. "About machining quality, laser has more outstanding than other production methods advantage. It works according to making clear formulary parameter, for example width of pulse length, pulse or pulse repeat rate, and these parameter can choose in any time, save, test and new setting. " Dr. Knitsch so say. As file and the demand of test and verify is higher and higher, laser also becomes more and more important. It laser of NextpageTruPulse 556TruMark Station 5000 can make what cut choice for medical treatment technology is accurate, easy that laser of NextpageTruPulse 556TruMark Station 5000 can make what cut choice for medical treatment technology the cut angle ply that starting a hole is in charge of and the smallest radius of hollow spare parts differs from Xiaoyu 0.

1 millimeter differs to a few millimeter area of the least hot impact is the smallest burr figuration solders small spot diameter and narrow welding line is avoided contact, without pressure area of the least hot impact does not have the aperture, anticorrosion that prevent leakage to provide biology consistence in that way like fundamental material complex outline hand is moved CNC Milling CNC Machining