Design of product different ground is made with COBAL technology

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Modern manufacturing industry is facing introduction the market of a fast and changeful competition, production company must get used to the challenge of the market with nimble meet an emergency and engineering capability. Thereby, produce pattern to what the constituent structure of the enterprise and products plan make, raised new requirement. Requirement enterprise has the capacity that develops new product quickly, and the ability that gets used to market diversity, individual feature to change development requirement. For this, production enterprise needs to have an organization to be able to reframe to create the capacity that the process can reframe with production; Need builds the dynamic alliance between the enterprise or fictitious business, come true to cross a region with what the product is a center design in coordination create the capacity that reframes with constituent management trends; Need builds a client to be participated in remotely to the different ground of the project, contented user tastes the demand of quality character and adaptability to producing; Of product of innovation of in an attempt to change adroitly constituent management, design and make, product different ground is changed adroitly design and make the main trend that has made progress of modern manufacturing industry. Because this is solved,mix inside the enterprise the design between the enterprise, make the information with management and application software resource reframe application, seek the information between enterprise and enterprise compositive method and technology, the trends between implementation enterprise and enterprise is flexible and compositive already became very pressing main problem. And the news that design of ground of implementation product different makes is shared, compositive with distributed application each other is operated, it is to make ground of different of the product between enterprise and enterprise change design and production main demand and key adroitly. As a result of the development of IT, especially the occurrence of Internet/Intranet technology, make the trends between enterprise interior and enterprise allied, implementation is changed adroitly with what the product is a center design and make become a possibility. That is to say, the design that makes a company interior not only, make the information natural resources with management, through Intranet but put sb in a very important position reframes, implementation is compositive with application each other is operated, and make Internet network is carried between the enterprise, the design between implementation enterprise, make the ground of different of information natural resources with management share, implementation information is compositive with each other the operation becomes a possibility. If the graph is shown 1 times, distributing to manage in the product data of enterprise A, B, C (PDM) , company natural resources plans (ERP) , the information natural resources in supplying catenary system to wait for all sorts of application systems, design library of attempt of project of production documentation, application and of all kinds database for example (DB) the design that waits for each not identical different compose makes data information natural resources, as a result of the development of IT, make be in an enterprise not only in-house and between the enterprise, realize those who be based on the information natural resources of Web to share compositive flexible and as compositive as trends of operation of applied each other, implementation become a possibility. Thereby, implement the flexible and compositive production system of enterprise and business alliance, support a product in coordination design and make. Graph 1 make clear, enterprise and the design with allied enterprise, make the information natural resources with management, have distributing, different compose (resource and platform different compose) , the characteristic such as autonomy, trends. Accordingly, the news that makes with the products plan between the enterprise inside implementation enterprise is shared with each other operation method, technology and implementation respect, the distributed information below network environment shares natural resources of information of Lv of take an examination and platform different compose to be operated with each other, the development that the information that studies the design of product different ground that is based on Web is made shares the method that operates with each other, mechanism and software system and implementation. Current, business information is compositive already by the implementation in distributinging computation environment long-range database visit, long-range process calls the data that handles according to source each other with majority to share with compositive, the applied demand that rapid development goes to to be operated in order to support applied each other is core, it is the distributinging object technology of main feature with object-oriented technology. The put sb in a very important position that realizes business information natural resources in distributinging object environment, reframe with share, implementation faces product different ground to design production information to share with application each other is operated. For this, appeared to run a group with the object on international (OMG) the applied each other that the Java/RMI of the COM/DCOM of CORBA, Microsoft and Sun is a delegate operates technical standard standard, these standards are research the with the information natural resources between the enterprise trends inside the enterprise is flexible and compositive with application each other is operated, compositive system offerred the information that realizes enterprise and business alliance to support strongly. Robot products plan is made, because its product structure is complex, technical content is high, client demand is changeful (nonstandard, odd) , date of delivery is short (time limit for a project is close) , market competition is intense, design and make of the product should rely on many sided cooperation, formed different ground thereby, distributing, dynamic many units (enterprise) alliance cooperates with robot products plan creates the pattern with sale. Inc. of automation of robot of Shenyang new pine (company of abbreviation new pine) dominant product covers the robot such as product line of industrial robot, special type robot, large automation to use a project, the product different ground that this company is based on Web to coming true below Internet/Intranet environment designs production compositive government to having huge interest and pressing demand, the supports design of robot different ground to make compositive management system that asks development is based on Web, achieve client administration, quoted price of land of design of case of product different place, different and technical support and service, realize pair of products plan shop drawing the long-range visit of structure of archives, documentation, product. For this, this technical special subject introduces, with robot product ground design makes different apply a project to be setting with the robot, follow international standard standard or standard of standard of international industry popularity, study development face design of product different ground to make the distributed application each other that is based on Web operate open type architecture, of the resource of data of different compose information such as data of production documentation of products plan graph, applied project attempt, design and database and applied system and Internet/Intranet enter a method without seam; Structure of the long-range visit of natural resources of different ground information and the implementation method that use each other operation, implementation reachs software system, the long-range visit that realizes the design such as file of pair of products plan graphs, applied project attempt, documentation and data to make resource, inquiry, revise, attestation and deferent, for product different ground the design makes a service. Architecture of operation of distributed application each other and implementation model study distributed application each other operates administrative levels architecture to be implementation enterprise and business alliance, design of ground of contented product different creates the applied demand that uses each other operation, use distributinging object technology, below Internet/Intranet network environment implementation information natural resources is shared with application each other is operated, put forward object-oriented business information natural resources to share the model of architecture of open administrative levels that operates with applied each other, if the graph is shown 2 times, it is formed by 5 administrative levels, from above to below is ordinal for layer of information natural resources, layer of communal visit interface, request / service representative layer, object communication serves layer and network to transmit service layer. (1) layer of natural resources of information of layer of information natural resources, the place of information natural resources such as system of all sorts of documentation that production place need designs to support product different land between enterprise interior and enterprise namely, database, application system is comprised. They join each other without seam with the means of member boy or girl friend of distinct size in the operating system, what implementation can reframe is flexible and compositive, provide of all kinds service for the user. (2) layer of communal visit interface is layer of communal visit interface system of production application of different ground design and user offer open mode port, offer the interface that is based on distributinging object model to describe an object to call interface and object implementation interface to define a language (IDL) . IDL is one spans the demonstrative sex language of computer programming language, tool, operating system and network, the boy or girl friend that in order to supports all sorts of different compose to use resource substance is changed pack, the design develops object adapter, make all sorts of information natural resources of the enterprise arrive with unified object interface means joins and be being registered on the server. Interface layer still includes to be based on the object interface interface of Web, offer user visit to call service boy or girl friend. (3) request / service representative layer requests / service representative layer includes to the client acts as agent and serve a representative. It is to pass an object to request a representative to undertake between these two kinds of representatives interactive, be sent with message means and accept. The main function that the client acts as agent: Accept client plea, according to processing regulation and request of systematic condition implementation serve fixed position. Fixed position function includes department of play a game of chess (this locality) the asks a service fixed position that serves a target, and request remotely through different ground / the serves a target remotely fixed position that serves a representative. Serve main function of the representative: Responsible and local (this locality) service object (object-oriented service object assembles) register and manage, for the client the request provides service of information natural resources, when malcontent sufficient client asks the service boy or girl friend that when this service the representative registers, through trading service and long-distance service act as agent, implementation serves the inquiry of the object remotely, get place to want a service, answer the result send corresponding client the representative. (4) communication of object of layer of object communication service serves a layer, with distributinging the object describes a model to be a foundation, follow international standard standard or standard of standard of international industry popularity, realize the communication between the object such as data information, the consultative data according to transmission object is unit (PDU) , offer the information that flows between the object to release, fixed position, the assembly that completes the object request that is based on a network, convey and recombine. (5) transmission service layer builds network of layer of network transmission service to transmit service base to go up in operating system and network, through network transmission interface tectonic abstraction corresponds interface, mix at the operating system independently network agreement, in each other communication channel is established between operand. In the light of concrete transmission agreement (for example Internet is transmitted / network agreement TCP/IP) have map, an inpour travel that implementation will request the information data of the object to shed changeover to transmit a layer for the network is deferent. The system realizes structural model to support design of product different ground to make, those who realize information natural resources share with compositive, information natural resources must modular, construct by distinct size module of information natural resources, as support company products plan makes all sorts of offerred service component part, the component part that builds business information natural resources namely turns a model, the component of natural resources of so-called business information is changed, that is to say, actual state fixes the relevant function that need provides by information natural resources and applied system component part changes size, can differentiate respectively for body of package, component, function, own system (intelligence acts as agent) wait for module. Here: Package, it is to be aimed at some namely specific issue, compose builds those who have corresponding function to facilitate use, maintenance software is basic and unit. It behaved the atomic sex component with basic and unit software, it is the settlement that is aimed at some kind of specific issue namely, provide the software framework with compositive component. Functional body, the has some respect function application software that comprises by package, component is hypostatic. Own system (intelligence acts as agent) namely SoftwareAgent, one kind can reflect intellective condition, what comprise by package, component is hypostatic. Intelligent representative has a method commonly (behavior, process) , mechanism of attribute, language, inference and demesne knowledge base (fact and regulation) . Normally it has autonomic sex, open sex, and acclimatization is as interactive as the environment ability. In addition, change the main component of the model as component of business information natural resources, must have software bus line. Software bus line is to show distributed environment is medium here, the service mechanism with body of implementation component, component, function and intelligent flexible and compositive representative and normative standard. In distributed environment, software bus line is formed by object bus line, through object bus line compositive company products plan makes information natural resources all sorts of member boy or girl friends, realize transparent to natural resources of of all kinds information visit and each other operation. The company products plan that is based on object bus line makes information natural resources compositive if pursue,with each other the operation realizes structural model 3 are shown. Model of this implementation structure is compressed structure, map of photograph of administrative levels architecture can be operated with company application each other on logic. Enterprise and the products plan with allied enterprise make natural resources of all sorts of different compose information differentiate by applied function and actual condition the component that is distinct size, component, representative and functional body (application software) , classics object is changed pack, "Can insert unplug " is on object bus line. Through long-range request / service representative, this locality requests / bus line of service representative, object, network transmits implementation transparent to natural resources of information of compose of of all kinds different visit and each other operation, design of ground of different of implementation company product is made. The copula in communal object request is CORBA standard and technology structural CORBA(CommonObjectRequestBrokerArchitecture) standard is organize target management group by international (OMG) makes, this organization defined target management architecture (OMA) , between the object in regarding different as compose distributinging environment interactive referenced model. OMA is requested to act as agent by the object (the 5 parts composition such as interface of ORB) object service, current establishment, region and applied interface. ORB implementation client and service object (the object comes true) the communication between is alternant, other is structural frame 4 partly on ORB, apply to the component of different situation. The main operation model of CORBA is shown 4 times like the graph. In the graph, the client is to request some kind of object to serve (some kind of operation that completes on the object) an operation is hypostatic, object implementation is the data that serves a target and code. ORB is in charge of all and alternant mechanism between client and object implementation, include to request to search proper object implementation for the client, make the object realizes the plea that accepts a client, the data between client and object implementation is mixed interactively the encode in alternant process and decipher. CORBA standard requests the standard that intermediary system establishs in the light of afore-mentioned objects namely, in order to realize the alternant operation between CORBA client and service object. From this, we are OK the ORB of object bus line of normative standard of CORBA of make choice of, change the basis of software bus line of the model as component of business information natural resources, construction can reframe information is compositive system. Individual CORBAORB architecture is shown 5 times like the graph. CORBA standard (2.

0 edition) main content includes: Interface of adapter of ORB kernel, object, OMG defines a language (IDL) , IDL is compiled implement, picket (Stub) call the each other between storage of interface and dynamic framework interface, interface and ORB with framework, trends operation. ORB kernel. It provided the communication mechanism of object request and answer, make CORBA application development person need not care specific communication detail, and in focussing attention to actual applied process logic, go. ORB interface is the interface that ORB core gives out. It just realizes square place to use with the object for the client at the same time, offerred a few to be able to serve ORB interface function by what ORB kernel offers, include an object to cite initialization of operation, ORB, object adapter initialization, get initiative object to cite etc. Object adapter uprights to come true at ORB kernel and object between, the enrollment of responsible service object, object cites found and the explanation, activation that serves a process and go the activation of object of vivid, service and go to what work and client request distributing. Fixed position and the information memory that activation object implementation requires are in implementation storage. As a result of the existence of object adapter, make ORB kernel as far as possible simple, improve the stability of ORB core and efficiency thereby. In CORBA standard, defined " of adapter of " main target (BOA) the general standard that regards implementation as object adapter. OMG interface defines language IDL. It is one kind uses those who describe client boy or girl friend to call the language of interface and object implementation interface (see a picture 6) , it defined service interface with grammatical and complete ground of the regulation, appointed the parameter of each operation, the developer that provides CORBA application describes the interface that serves a target. OMGIDL is language of a kind of pure description only, and do not have executable sex. IDL is compiled implement the map that realizes pair of specific programming language, it makes the IDL description file of the user the picket of corresponding programming language and framework program through compiling. OMGIDL language was defined to arrive in CORBA standard the map of specific programming language, current map included C, C++ , SmallTalk, Ada95 and Java to wait. It is accordingly applicable the application software of a variety of process designing is hypostatic, reflected the different compose sex of the language. Picket and framework program. Square stake process is in charge of the client undertaking the request of the user coding be sendinged the object achieves end, the processing that receives to receiving undertakes decipher as a result, return result or unusual information to the user. Serve square framework program to request to undertake decipher to the user, the method of the object that fixed position place asks, implement this method and a client is sent after executive result or unusual imformation encoding. Such means calls " static state to call means " normally (SII) , this kind is called apply to before the client is carried out, serve foregone situation, supportive synchronism requests to call. Trends calls interface DII and DSI of dynamic framework interface. Trends calls the method that interface is called with the discovery when moving, with the interface that will discover new target and them and their definition. When trends calls interface to allow to moving, will construct through appointing the adduction of target object, operation, attribute and the parameter that are conveyed user request, send an object to come true square. In the object implementation also just has a kind of similar trends to distribute the mechanism that the user requests, call dynamic framework interface. Trends called interface and dynamic framework interface to support trends to call way, means is called to fall in this kind, the user often does not know to serve the interface message of the object beforehand, the user is passed above all inquire or the interface that other method achieves service target describes information, the method that calls ORB by oneself next will construct user request, send an object to come true square. Use trends way is more quicker than static means, for instance, below dynamic means, the user can choose to use asynchronous call way. The user needs to inquire the corresponding interface that serves a target describes information, memory is in interface storage component. Interface storage is with IDL descriptive file is an input normally, after interface descriptive information undertakes handling, deposit in file, database or in the memory mechanism of other form, provide a group of standards call interface to be used for user inquiry. The each other between ORB is operated. CORBA2.

0 standards raised the standard that operates in the light of the each other between system of different manufacturer ORB, because the standard of version does not have the data to communication having between ORB before,format and agreement undertake formulary, brought about different implementation to use different communication form and cannot correspond each other. CORBA2.

0 in defined agreement of the communication between general ORB (GIOP) , the format that it codes to data, format of transmission message and the requirement to transmitting an agreement made detailed provision. Because GIOP is an abstract agreement, it must map goes in concrete transmission agreement or mechanism, CORBA2.

0 standards offerred GIOP to arrive the map of TCP/IP agreement, call IIOP (InternetInterORBProtocol) , namely the agreement between InternetORB, the ORB on supportive Internet (the ORB product that includes different manufacturer) the each other operation between. The operation of applied each other that is based on Web to realize Internet/Intranet network environment to fall lays next foundations. GIOP agreement by below elemental composition: Communal data presentation (CDR) definition, defined an OMGIDL data type to be changed into mix between ORB ORB bridge (representative) the expression that the ground floor between transmits form; GIOP news format, acting as agent for GIOP message a crossing-over, object of convenient object request, fixed position comes true and manage communication channel; GIOP transmits regulation, GIOP standard is right any specific networks that can use transmission GIOP information transmitted a layer to make a program. The standard also was described how to administer the order of join and demarcate GIOP message. IIOP standard increased InternetIIOP message to transmit an element to GIOP standard. The standard described IIOP to act as agent how to be opened TCP/IP joins and convey with them GIOP message. The representative that can receive an object to request or provides object place is released in the TCP/IP address in IIOP. Every TCP/IP address by the IP address of lead plane, use leader name to replace normally, carry catchword to comprise with a TCP. The server must monitor join request. The client that asks object service must use IOR (InteroperableObjectReference) in formulary address and join request come initialization join. Once join is built, the client can write word of Request, LocateRequest, CancelRequest into word of his TCP/IP dowel joint, send go out. The server also can mix Reply, LocateReply in the word of TCP/IP dowel joint that CloseConnection message writes him, send go out. After both sides is sent or accepting CloseConnection word, client and server shut TCP/IP to join. If the graph is shown 7 times,its message hands basic course. In addition, CORBA2.

The revised edition of 0 this in, what the each other between the level of COM/OLEAutomation of model of distributinging object computation that still raised pair of Microsoft operates is normative, make of CORBA but expansibility got rising further. Already put forward CORBA3 now.

0 standards. The applied each other that is based on object Web operates the progress that achieves way and technology of Internet of the mechanism that prop up, especially 20 centuries the wide application of technology of WWW of 90 time metaphase, the progress that gives distributinging object the technology and applied open up vaster space, object Web(ObjectWeb) is the new heat that people pays close attention to with becoming. From the point of technical angle, WWW application had experienced HypertextWeb and InteractiveWeb two kinds of configuration, but the restriction that accepts ability respect in application as a result of them, make the application of two kinds of afore-mentioned configuration is put in bigger confine. ObjectWeb technology basically includes an object to develop technology and object visit technology. Because Java technology has " to compile, of everywhere moving " cross platform character, java software got the support of the browser such as Netscape, IE, make thereby the issue that used Java/RMI technology to solve object of Java of visit different ground, but the problem that how manage through Java technology and visits different ground other to be not Java object in great quantities was not solved. It is that is to say in ObjectWeb technology, how is the target that develops with blame Java language in great quantities visited through Web, when using onefold Java technology, be restricted. Because make information natural resources and software application system to company products plan, put in the program substance that move numerous multiligualism writes, put in the different compose sex of programming language. Because CORBA object has language, operating system and hardware platform,have nothing to do sexual characteristic, clear CORBA/IIOP standard and OMA open type architecture, the boy or girl friend that the description such as system of the natural resources of different compose information that it already will exist the most easily in great quantities, software application and C/C++ , Smalltalk, Java writes brings ObjectWeb technology, make resource of powerful different compose information is had in using Java/CORBA to combine the object development in ObjectWeb technology and object visit. Make thereby the long-range visit that information natural resources realizes below Internet/IntranetWeb environment and operation of applied each other, develop system of large distributed application, java/CORBA union provided standard of good implementation way, technology standard and the mechanism that prop up. Because Microsoft rolled out browser of WindowsNT, IE, ASP (mobile server page) with ActiveX/DCOM technology, also have proper place in the development of ObjectWeb and application. A series of products that introduced Microsoft to offer when the enterprise especially, in " Microsoft " the environment that be the same as compose falls, the products plan that adopts ActiveX/DCOM technology development to be based on Web medium or smally makes each other of information natural resources the operating system also is appropriate, have its convenient sex. The design of product different ground that is based on Web makes distributed application each other operate implementation structure according to architecture of operation of distributed application each other and implementation structure model, the CORBA level that uses international popularity is normative, use the technology that Java/CORBA photograph combines, the design of product different ground that is based on Web makes distributed application each other operating system (WebDMIOS) the structure is shown 8 times like the graph. The system realizes communal visit interface of the structure, use the user interface that is based on Web browser, use exceed text to describe language Html, agreement of comply with HTTP has the two-way communication of Frombased, those who adopt a design be based on JavaApplet of all kinds each other to operate package, the is based on Web products plan that platform steps below implementation Internet/Intranet environment makes operation of applied each other, web and the applied each other that Java combines operated a structure to make the front structure in this construction of system. In addition, javaApplet was added for Webhtml page can inspect a gender. Request / structure of service representative layer designs much representative structure, long-range request / the enrollment that serves a representative to be in charge of this enterprise offerring the products plan that share to make information natural resources and release, and different ground is long-range the client's entry and register. This locality (or project) request / this node in serving a representative to be in charge of a network (or project) the enrollment that designs production information natural resources and release, acting client requests, offer this node (or project) service object. Request / service representative layer carries long-range request / of the request that service and long-range user make information natural resources call to company products plan and service in coordination, search locate with the service, implementation is transparent to the position of the user. Company products plan makes information natural resources and applied system and public service component part, pack through be based on CORBA member boy or girl friend to change, mode changeover and map, adapter of tectonic CORBA object and service facilities. In the light of different ground the design makes natural resources of representative data information, the products plan that finish makes project blueprint, part drawing, library of information of product part data, the object of product documentation is packed, and inquiry, revise, tag, the service such as attestation, resource of data of production information of implementation products plan but put sb in a very important position reframes enter without seam, compositive operate with each other. Made the back end structure in this system from this. The communication equipment of the object request that the object communication service of systematic implementation structure used the ORB object bus line that accords with CORBA standard to offer and answer is made. This system used facilities of public service of implementation of IONA company OrbixORB and CORBA. The network that achieves a structure to the system transmits a service, because used CORBA/IIOP agreement level, came true to be transmitted to TCP/IP / the map of network agreement, finish the information on Internet/Intranet network platform to transmit. In the graph 9 in: User of ① different ground downloads HTML page from relevant Web server on the Web browser in oneself, this page embedded different real estate tastes a design to make information natural resources use each other operating system (WebDMIOS) page; ② Web browser. Retrieve Java Xiaoying to use a program from HTTP server (applied component) , receive come from HTTP server component (Javaapplet) ; Component of Java of to load of ③ Web browser; ④ passes CORBAIIOP, the user that Java component calls CORBA object and other to use CORBAORB or server are alternant, the visit that comes true to make data information natural resources and applied service to products plan, call with the operation. The dialog between process of Java small application and CORBA server object will last to both sides to disconnect all the time when join till. Can realize long-range user to make the request that information natural resources calls and service to company products plan. CNC Milling CNC Machining