Electrochemistry goes burr machine tool designs research

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Cleared issue comes the metallic burr in machine treatment for years is the major problem that pays close attention to domestic and internationally all the time. How to use electrochemistry to go the principle of burr will solve the real problem in producing a course particularly necessary, of the development as the society and mechanization technology level rise ceaselessly, be aimed at this one problem, urgent need has people the machinery with high rate of good, automation comes to a kind of function those who replace a tradition is artificial go burr method. The last program that produces when industry (go namely burr) when needing advanced, accurate component, electrochemistry goes burr system can satisfy this one requirement. Design to go suitably burr program and have efficient with complete automation (feasible production system) it is a problem that has difficulty. Because the appearance of burr, dimension and attribute are Protean, without the standard but character, this was formed current go artificially burr train of thought. Especially inside it is quite difficult that Kong Hexiang hands in the burr purify inside aperture, can say electrochemistry goes burr is a method that very much those who develop a future solve a problem. Accordingly, development electrochemistry goes burr is very necessary. In this one research, the electrochemistry that introduced to use electrolyte goes burr mechanism, right it made a characterization on the kill that Kong Hexiang makes aperture burr purify inside. In the meantime, go to this device again the research that the electrolyte flow that burr efficiency and effect had is in differring and other electrification learn a condition to fall. To body of a powerful person of dangler of hydraulic pressure crock inside Kong Hexiang makes hole (given workpiece) had made go suitably burr method. The electrochemistry that limited company of science and technology of Electromechanical of Suzhou rashly nimble develops goes burr machine tool is to use electric energy, chemical energy burr of deliquescent and zincous take out. The anode of mechanical spare parts and direct current source is linked together for positive pole, the negative pole of figuration tool and direct current source is linked together for cathode, polar between the clearance that keeps certain, let electrolyte flow circularly. After positive pole and cathode immerge solution connect dc, zincous surface produces electrochemistry reaction, the metal that surface of mechanical spare parts is dissolved and electrolyte form stickiness liquid to be centered in the small sunken part of surface of mechanical spare parts, have taller resistor and corrode lesserly; And burr is outstanding at surface of mechanical spare parts, below the influence of difference in temperature, lilquid film is formed hard, concentration of height of line of the power after electrify is apart from the burr with the closest cathode to will dissolve with the rapiddest rate at burr part, dissolve entirely till burr, the brim forms round part gradually, achieve namely go the purpose of burr. Electrochemistry goes burr machine tool is applicable industry: The numerous industry such as hydraulic pressure of machine of car engine, current project, aerospace, pneumatic, it is electrochemistry the production lot in machining a machine tool is bigger, use the important equipment with the widest field. Electrochemistry goes characteristic of burr machine tool: 1.

Apply to be hard to mix after the in-house burr of purify, heat treatment the spare parts of finish machining. 2.

The place crossing follow in a continuous line in aperture or arris border point can form roundlet part. 3.

Do not damage finish machining surface. 4.

Go the efficiency of burr is tall, every treatment needs 2~3 only circularly minute. 5.

But many undertake burr purify at the same time. CNC Milling CNC Machining