3 products appear on Sibinna first exhibit meeting

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Production limited company of machine tool of accept of German Si Bin is exhibited at treatment of metal of 2006 Shanghai international on showpiece much money product, include to exceed SB/C-TMC of center of accurate CNC Turning, high dynamic performance compact model TS66MC/Compact of CNC Turning center; Have the center of tall accurate CNC Turning that appears first more TC-77MCY, multi-purpose SM100 of circular knife grinding machine, and exceed exact pattern to machine RV3-HSM of machining center of vertical of high speed of high-quality goods machine tool. Newest product: Diameter of via of   of TC-77MCY of center of CNC Turning of tall nicety of TC-77MCY of center of tall accurate CNC Turning 77 millimeter, tigidity of type of integral be born is cast-iron inclined lathe bed, c axis is alone drive, low speed big torque is automatic gear change mechanism, axis of Y of type of wedge tigidity an organic whole. System of GE-Fnauc18iTB numerical control. Big diameter big torque is machined. Main shaft power: 43KW main shaft is highest rotate speed: 4000rpmX axis journey: 360mmY axis journey: -55 ~ + 65mm; Z axis journey: 980mm is the biggest circumgyrate diameter: 800mm is the biggest turning diameter: 500mm12 VDI50 knife tower; Dynamical knife counts: Rotate speed of 12 motivation knife: 4Power of 000rpm motivation knife: 7Kw; This series machine tool can ask to match the 2nd main shaft according to the user, with 1500mm lengthen lathe bed; Scope of application: Machine tool structure is strong, power is driving, axis of tall rigid Y, suit each industry nicety of greater intricate work is machined. Multi-purpose the economic product with necessary job shops of SM100 of circular knife grinding machine is multi-purpose the blade of lathe tool of   of SM100 of circular knife grinding machine and milling cutter is ground and repair grind, the fast blade of special cutting tool is ground, the emery wheel of patent protection changes an orgnaization quickly, a variety of accessory are configured, the hand moves an operation handy and practical. Apply to workshop cutting tool to repair grind, blade of the cutting tool that be not mark is ground. Equipment is welcome. Exceed exact pattern to machine   of RV3-HSM of machining center of vertical of high speed of high-quality goods machine tool to use a person to make granitic lathe bed, metallic base and casting of man-made granite lathe bed become an organic whole, have extremely tall suction shake ability, tigidity and thermal stability; Anthology match type to be assembled meticulously, cooperate precision extremely tall; Slideway and workbench datum plane grind through be being blown artificially, flatness, linearity and verticality are in 2 μ . Top rotate speed can amount to high frequency main shaft 24, 000 turn / cent, power 7.

5KW, HSK50 knife is, 12 whole sealing are automatic knife library, x/Y/Z journey 250 × of 350 × 320mm, workbench 660 × 280mm, sharp speed of advance spends 15M/min, mark distributes unit of refrigeration of sparge type oily mist, but spout of process designing cooling fluid, segregator of centrifugal type oily mist. 3 axes standard is installed, can distribute 4/5 axis workbench and unit of have as an attached institution of black lead treatment. With the high accuracy spare parts that will process production aerospace, actuating device and weapons system. Reach use at car, mould to make, the numerous industry such as electron, horological, telescope, computer, accurate machinery, hydraulic pressure, medical apparatus and instruments and hard mill treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining