Function of instruction of numerical control F, S, T

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Numerical control lathe basically processes a rod kind spare parts and flange kind spare parts, use 4 feet chuck and special fixture to also can machine a complex part. Install the main shaft of workpiece be accompanying on numerical control lathe to make circumgyrate move together, the tool carrier of numerical control lathe moves inside the plane in X axis and Z axis composition, the end panel that basically machines circumgyrate spare parts, inside the circle outside Kong He. The numerical control system that deploys as a result of numerical control lathe is different, use statement has certain difference on definition and function, but it is identical that its basic skill can be returned with process designing method. 1.

Feed dictates statement form F_ dictates functional F shows Jian address symbol. The instruction explains F expresses main shaft every turn feed, the unit is Mm/r; Also can show feed rate, the unit is Mm/min. Its dimension adopts G instruction set. 2.

Main shaft rotate speed dictates statement form S_ dictates functional S shows symbol of address of main shaft rotate speed, the instruction explains S shows main shaft rotate speed, the unit is R/min; Also can show cutting rate, the unit is M/min. Its dimension adopts G instruction set. 3.

Cutting tool date dictates statement form T_ dictates functional T shows symbol of cutting tool address, before two digit show cutting tool sign, two digit state cutting tool amends order after.   of   of   of   of   of   of the   that connect   crosses cutting tool to compensate date to call compensating parameter of the cutting tool inside cutting tool database. CNC Milling CNC Machining