Where does the hand move the distinction of cut and machine of numerical control cut to be in?

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Speak of a hand using cut, the enterprise user that believes to pursue machining and relevant trade not less won't unfamiliar, our country is used at manual cut treatment to be in about from personnel of course of study in major 400 control to 5 million person-time, manual equipment has 2 million about related second, can say manual cut to be offerred to development of industry of our country base urge action significantly. In recent years, as technology of automation of foreign numerical control introduce and the improvement of domestic technology personnel to traditional cut means, emerge as the times require of equipment of aircraft of numerical control cut, and with one action received the market and user unit approbate, so where is the distinction that uses cut and machine of numerical control cut about the hand after all? What kind of influence can means of two kinds of cut bring to the enterprise? Science and technology of Wuhan Jia Beide will be your contrast introduction below: A lot of clients to save expenditure, it is OK to think through oneself original hand moves power source to undertake changing certainly achievements as machine undertake use with plasma power source. 1.

Homebred hand uses the cut that power source great majority is contact, and what the machine of machine of numerical control cut uses contact of dispute of plasma power source is high frequency remove arc, the hand moves power source to be able to generate many interference signal when the contact, manufacturer of homebred power source can undertake be transforminged rarely machine with plasma power source. Additional, wuhan navigate reminds to you, even if is you after will homebred power source undertakes transforming, the plasma power source that its service life and machine use cannot be compared, and the maintenance in later period is cost on charge also very won't low. Wuhan pilot proposal does not make him to save those penny some more floriferous additional cost. 2.

The plasma power source of the entrance because its technology is more mature, be like flying Matt, need head of gun of the cut below the change only, manual curved handle gun revises machine can serve as with straight handle gun machine use with plasma. Limited company of science and technology of Wuhan Jia Beide is machine of cut of numerical control of a professional birth, machine of numerical control Laser Cutting, machine of cut of numerical control blaze, machine of numerical control Plasma Cutting, plasma of numerical control blaze is amphibious cut machine, machine of cut of advertisement numerical control, machine of cut of line of follow in a continuous line of numerical control look, wait for numerical control product to be the new and high enterprise of an organic whole, the company is pursued from beginning to end " with qualitative get victory, with sincere for this " , management concept, hold to " it is dominant in order to serve, beat the market with sexual price " guidelines. Act on client first principle, seek perfect service. 24 hours offer lead plane to reveal, sale, deliver goods comes, installation is debugged, the service such as technical maintenance. Of utmost provide a service for the user. Origin: Limited company of science and technology of Wuhan Jia Beide CNC Milling CNC Machining