Reduce the new-style face milling cutter of cutter hub weight

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In recent years, the industry such as car, IT to reduce spare parts weight, using aluminium alloy data in great quantities, also put forward to aluminium alloy treatment subsequently all-time high accuracy, efficient treatment requirement. Stay in friendly electrical engineering company to give out cutting of the RF with a kind of lighter cutter hub high speed to use face milling cutter for this, already put in the market as formal product. Cutter hub of RF milling cutter uses special aluminium alloy to make, its weight is reduced than steeliness cutter hub 60% . The good point that  eases cutter hub weight (1) can reduce circumgyrate torque, shorten total treatment is periodic; (When 2) uses chief measure cutting tool, produce flutter not easily; (When milling cutter of extent of 3) past large size assembles and unassemble, need a worker to be operated jointly, after using aluminium alloy cutter hub, because weight is light, assemble and unassemble very convenient. The note when cutter hub designs (the choice of material of 1) aluminium alloy: Breed of aluminium alloy material is various, the aluminium alloy of the cutter hub that make should choose tensile strength and hardness all higher variety. The aluminium alloy tensile strength that cutter hub of RF milling cutter chooses is 573N/mm2, hardness 150HB, this is a kind of special aluminium alloy, tensile strength and hardness are common aluminium alloy 2 times the left and right sides.  (2) clamp means: Normally the bit clamp means of face milling cutter has two kinds, one kind is bit wedge type, another kind is to use bit center aperture to tighten solid with bolt. Current, steeliness cutter hub uses bit to enter bit chamfer directly, reoccupy wedge piece or snail clench originallies, and aluminium alloy cutter hub because data strength is inferior, unfavorable use this kind of means. When choosing aluminium alloy cutter hub, qualitative spacer of a steel can increase below bit, pass bit center aperture with bolt next, secure its go up in cutter hub.  (3) prevents those who leave mental efforts to destroy effect: The cutting speed of RF face milling cutter is as high as 5000m/min, the centrifugal power that produces is very great, go out to prevent centrifugal force to throw bit or other part, corresponding step should be taken when the design. By the experiment knowable, the distance of the size of centrifugal force and clamp orgnaization fulcrum to bit cutting blade becomes direct ratio, its size exceeds clamping force to may swing bit piece. For this, RF milling cutter is above bit designed sunken into the part, bolt by sunken enter into the part, bit close solid is on cutter hub. Because standing by cutting blade place to originally closely, can restrain the generation of cutting flutter consequently, assure to obtain good treatment precision. What the watch shows milling cutter of the face that it is RF 1 times is highest allow rotate speed, inside this speed limits, can prevent bit effectively to swing go out and assure to machine precision. Milling cutter of face of  watch 1RF is highest allow diameter of rotate speed cutting tool (Mm) - highest allow rotate speed (R/min)80mm - 17000r/min100mm - 15900r/min125mm - 13500r/min160mm - 11000r/min200mm - 9000r/min250mm - 7600r/min315mm - although employed special aluminium alloy,the surface of cutter hub of 6000r/min aluminium alloy protects cutter hub of RF face milling cutter, but have 150HB only as a result of hardness, in process of high speed cutting, still easy by scratch. For this, stayed in friendly company to adopt plated film of cutter hub alumina to handle way, make exterior hardness raises 350 ~ 400HV, such, can satisfy general milling to machine the requirement to cutter hub.  is additional, use horniness alumina to handle character, can add dye, make its have all sorts of corresponding color, when be being used in order to facilitate handlers is taken, identify, avoid to take a fault. When  is being designed, return Lv of take an examination to let cut bits to be poured out of along face of the knife before bit, go up by cutter hub ad hoc cutter hub of eduction of chamfer of bits of sunken form platoon. This sunken form chamfer also passes horniness alumina to handle, can bear for a long time cut bits to had flowed, make sure part of cutter hub other won't be injured, be helpful for prolonging the service life of cutter hub.  watch shows the treatment example of milling cutter of the face that it is RF 2 times. Name of work of example of treatment of watch 2RF milling cutter and material - cutting tool model and bit material - cutting condition (cutting speed V (M/min) , feed speed F (M/min) , cut deep D (Mm) ) - lid of use effect cylinder, ADC12 - RF4160R diamond razor blade, DA2200 - V = 1200, f = 2390, d = 0.

10 - treatment surface surface roughness: Ra = 0.

2 μ M, add workpiece to count: 30000 (be hard alloy razor blade 30 times) gear-box covers joint range, ADC12 - RF4125R diamond razor blade, DA2200 - V = 3000, f = 7640, d = 1.

5mm - treatment surface surface roughness: Ra = 0.

2 μ M, add workpiece to count: Installed surface of 20000 cylinder head, ADC12 - razor blade of RF4250R hard alloy, h1 - V = 3000, f = 11400, d = 3.

5 - rough machining adds workpiece to count: 10000 CNC Milling CNC Machining