Shallow talk about numerical control equipment electric breakdown processing technique

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[summary] as the wide application of digital science and technology in equipment, numerical control equipment begins to replace semi-automatic masked buy stage by stage in recent years, and the main trend that makes modern equipment develops pattern. However, still be in in equipment of our country numerical control start level, a few problems that exist among them should cause our height to take seriously. Below article general with numerical control equipment electric breakdown processing technique is main content, undertake simple treatise, in order to offer reference. [keyword] numerical control equipment; Electric breakdown; Processing     1, the   of electric breakdown   of numerical control equipment 1.

  of   of 1 preventive maintenance (1) the performance that the type selecting of numerical control equipment is maintaining angle to go up. On the type selecting of numerical control equipment, divide usability parameter beyond, should include but maintainability parameter has: Of equipment but the technical index of maintainability, dependability and advanced sex. So called advanced sex basically points to the current technology content in equipment; Dependability is to point to equipment to whether get normal play in each function in operation process, whether to accord with standard of national qualitative check; But maintainability is to show each components in equipment facilitate undertake buying in the market, facilitate undertake change and be maintaininged waiting operating, the sexual price of comprehensive, equipment compares the data such as instructor of relevant technology overhaul tend in the structure of rationalize; (2) the use operation that has standardization to equipment. To improve the use efficiency of equipment, lower the occurence rate of equipment malfunction, the use operation that has standardization to equipment is a crucial step. According to not complete count, the occurence rate of the equipment malfunction accident that somebody causes for the reason is near 30% above, connect what general reason condition falls to clean, the job of daily equipment conserve such as oiling also is by handlers personnel is carried out, to avoid the happening of this kind of accident, can take the following step: The equipment management that increases operation staff reachs use consciousness, aggrandizement handles mastery of a skill or technique, before carrying out strict hillock, groom, system of eligible mount guard, in be in normal, reasonable job status in order to ensure equipment moves. 1.

The   of   of primary failure content with electric equipment of 2 numerical control (1) the expressional form of malfunction of numerical control equipment basically includes: Have without scintilla, have wait without unusual sound; (2) the main show that the work handles when breakdown happening is: Place of the operation that has before breakdown happening, breakdown happening; (3) equipment malfunction indicates content: Numerical control equipment regards automation degree as higher electric equipment, when malfunction its normally in-house computer controls a program to be able to start comprehensive self check function by oneself, through undertaking to equipment comprehensive self check is analysed, feedback the reason of equipment malfunction and place with the form such as data code at the computer advocate on the monitor that controls a station; (4) position of departmental substation department mixes the equipment when breakdown happening present position: Breakdown produces the specific place with located axis; (5) breakdown happening has the effect that does not have other factor: Appear of breakdown formerly again, power cut, be struck by lightning, be affected with damp be affected with damp; (6) work of abecedarian self check begins below the premise that operation personnel allows in hep equipment principle and breakdown circumstance: Undertaking switching on the mobile phone experimenting detecting for example, the information such as the sound that runs to equipment, condition, odour undertakes discerning, the breakdown that the fixed position equipment that is helpful for essence of life allowing thereby produces is nodded. 1.

The reason of malfunction of equipment of 3 fixed position and adopted measure   are right of equipment malfunction search the fixed position that cannot keep breakdown of v/arc be on the throne to produce position merely to go up, still undertake concrete analysis because of producing an account to the minister, in order to avoid next time of problem of similar device malfunction happen again, specific for the principle that searchs breakdown is commonly: From it is difficult to arrive easily, from outside arrive inside, first machinery hind is electric, the dynamic order after Xian Jing condition, progressively analysis is searched seriously. In the process that has detecting to equipment malfunction, can adopt the following means to regard commonly used diagnostic breakdown as the method normally: (1) observation law: After breakdown happening, the platoon that is contractible equipment malfunction checks limits, we can undertake those who watch a way determine first, the judgement that passes amiable to equipment sound, light flavour and use hand or resistor tool touch touch, to equipment each component undertakes first check. (2) parameter examines a way: Equipment parameter is a when equipment runs normally main index, parameter setting is undeserved the happening that can cause equipment trouble, because of this feature according to equipment malfunction, can adopt the method that has check and be adjustmented to equipment parameter. (3) the principle analyses a way: On the base that the locomotive principle that controls device in logarithm has control adequately, but the locomotive principle according to equipment, when the analysis that has equipment malfunction reason, facilitate accurate and effective affirmatory to searching direction to undertake. (4) systematic diagnostic: On the base that has making full use of from examine system to equipment, indicate through be opposite signal lamp and call the police to show state date in the signal on lead plane system, what can have place of breakdown large position quickly is affirmatory. (5) commutative law: Detect as breakdown commonly used spot judges a method, below the premise that undertakes compendious analysis to breakdown reason, through functional principle roughly identical component replaces breakdown doubt to seem place, can be opposite quickly breakdown happening position undertakes accurate judgement and test and verify. (6) measure a way: Strong report breakdown is the breakdown with numerical control at present common device produces the position, the parameter of the electric current in because this can pass Europe of avometer, million to express,waiting for pair of circuit, voltage undertakes detecting, conduce to those who decide breakdown producing position thereby. (7) try moving way: Below the condition that when trying moving law to basically apply at equipment malfunction expression is to have, does not have, pass what have test run to equipment to start, the frequency that happens to equipment malfunction, position, wait with operating sequence undertake deciding, facilitate the development of pair of facilities accounts is analysed at the same time. (8) expose breakdown method: This kinds of method basically applies at equipment malfunction to behave the condition that does not have to if have,be like again to fall, be like the knock of the dot to doubt of relevant component breakdown through using insulation tool, or be like function to change to component doubt within an inch of undertakes local warm up processing, but reduplicative comes out breakdown expression. But should notice to using the damage that pair of mechanical equipment cell should prevent when exposing breakdown method. Above method is current when undertaking deciding to malfunction of numerical control equipment, detect commonly usedly means, detect individually the method has an advantage each, there is specific aim in the specific characteristic that answers to happen according to equipment malfunction in use process undertake choosing, facilitate search breakdown limits to undertake narrowing. 2, main problem   answers to pair of equipment malfunction of specific aim undertake reasonable processing in process of equipment malfunction processing, be helpful for using function and specifications what maintain facility normally, the management target that is an enterprise better thereby serves, the aggravate that competes between the enterprise, requirement equipment is maintained to do well company production is managed, rise and enhance service of industry competition ability. Equipment maintains the factor that already became company competition ability. Maintenance should serve for the management of the enterprise, want to improve the overall efficiency of equipment above all, what it points to is the actuate condition that from time and quality these two respects master equipment, increase the time that can create value and the quality that improve a product. Its method has: A.

From time aspect for, it is the actuate time that adds equipment, assure the client's date of delivery. B.

From quality respect for, it is to raise the yield inside unit time, perhaps increase the proportion that qualification tastes through reducing useless defective goods. This kind of high accuracy, cost-effective to numerical control equipment and the equipment that the price does not poor, the overall efficiency that improves facility appears particularly important. Our maintenance technician wants as soon as possible look up to give breakdown cause not only, remove trouble quickly, do his best even try to reduce equipment malfunction. Assure the economic benefits of the enterprise, achieve the management goal of the enterprise. In repairing the job, should accomplish as far as possible usually recover from an illness. But, sometimes to restore equipment as soon as possible move normally, also allow to take a few proper lash-up step according to actual condition, but absolutely cannot muddle through one's work. After removing trouble every time, still answer to sum up experience in time, do good maintenance log. The content of the record includes: The moving circumstance after measure of reason of the parts of an apparatus of phenomenon of date of equipment model, name, number, breakdown happening, breakdown, place, attaint, breakdown, rehabilitate and rehabilitate. 3, anyhow of last word   , when maintaining facility, we should pay attention to breakdown analysis only, found the key of the problem, use correct maintenance principle and method, can improve the overall efficiency of our work efficiency and equipment certainly. In the maintenance work of numerical control equipment, classics regular meeting encounters a few specious situations, be like breakdown phenomenon to seem is mechanical failure, actual because electric breakdown is caused,be; Conversely, breakdown phenomenon is like is electric breakdown, actual it is mechanical failure is caused; The feeling causes the reason with breakdown the biggest possibility, and actual not be it is caused, feel some component gives problem possibility very small, however just is it bad. Of course, we maintain the job should from the possibility that causes trouble the biggest reason is checked, but if be not checked,give a reason, and cause the reason with breakdown lesser possibility to be not checked again to the feeling, the likelihood can make maintain the job to be immersed in lair. The maintenance technician that this needs facility of our numerical control is rigorous and serious, meticulous. CNC Milling CNC Machining