Contemporary balance technology on machine tool of high speed numerical control apply

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High speed is used extensively of accurate machine tool, main shaft of original machine tool balanced craft to encounter new issue, the vibration that lopsided quantity causes and noise will be very big, affected treatment surface surface roughness greatly, lower the service life of bearing of machine tool main shaft and machine tool at the same time. Industry of contemporary machine tool is growing to high speed and accurate treatment direction, machine tool of high speed nicety had gotten extensive use in abroad, with treatment of turning, milling acting grinding is machined very general already, domestic machine tool produces manufacturer to also develop to this direction in succession. But in be being produced actually, main shaft of original machine tool balanced craft to encounter new issue. Because be in,the centrifugal strength that theoretic lopsided quantity causes is F=U · ω in 2 type: U -- lopsided quantity ω -- the actual angular velocity of main shaft, ω ≈ 1/n from on type can see, the square of centrifugal force F and ω of main shaft rotate speed becomes direct ratio. When because this machine tool is in,high speed rotates, the vibration that lopsided quantity causes and noise will be very big, affected treatment surface surface roughness greatly, lower the service life of bearing of machine tool main shaft and machine tool at the same time. German Shen Ke regards global balancing machine as the authoritative enterprise of the industry, in main shaft of high speed machine tool balance respect already accumulated rich experience, limited company of Shanghai Shen Ke machinery is the solely invested enterprise that German Shen Ke is in China, the technology that the respect balances with respect to machine tool main shaft below gives manufacturer of domestic machine tool the home undertake introductory. Now, the main shaft rotate speed of numerical control machine tool already raised 8000r/min from the 3000r/min in the past, the high speed machine tool that some use electric main shaft rotate speed of its main shaft is to be as high as 60000r/min more. G6.

The main shaft of 3 balances accuracy class to cannot have satisfied a requirement, need G1 or G0.

4 taller even main shaft balance precision. This implies the component of machine tool main shaft to 50kg, lopsided capacity demand is in the rest 1g is the following. Do dynamic balancing to main shaft merely so already short of asks this. For this, did Shen Ke company put forward new balance idea: ? Say component of main shaft of? of  of @ of Suan of glue of Yi of  of revive of  of Chinese torreya of Lin of  storehouse children's hair, divide outside a sleeve can join with casing, still have the circumgyrate part such as belt annulus, axle sleeve. Because the error is assembled between component, although precision of balance of itself of belt annulus, axle sleeve is very tall, but because the accumulation between component is lopsided,measure, the possibility with the integral balance bad result of main shaft component is very large. In high speed machine tool, this causes the vibration of the machine tool necessarily, influence surface machines quality. Accordingly, need does integral dynamic balancing to machine tool main shaft. Actually, on main shaft of foreign machine tool, belt annulus or other part, can see for corrective and rough measure and stay go weighing the position. The HS that Shen Ke company rolls out hard bearing is special dynamic balancing machine, advocate if rotate with what contain housing at be opposite,component does integral dynamic balancing. Like: ? Cong of path of  of ⑵ of  of Chinese torreya of Lin of  storehouse children's hair beats elegant Pang of ⑼ of  of Chinese torreya of white fine and soft to take off chasm of Yong Wan of collect of  of Chinese torreya of  of  of Duo of magpie of white of Mu of leave uncovered  to take  S dynamic balancing the bearing support of machine uses much freedom to spend special design, configure advanced digitlization to survey a system, although also can detect through housing,go out rotate the lopsided quantity of the spare parts. And average balancing machine can detect only find a place for directly go up in balancing machine gyro wheel and the spare parts that rotates by balancing machine drive. HS balancing machine deserves to go up the tall accurate sensor of newest design can pass Shen Ke casing is measured piece rotate the lopsided quantity of main shaft, and main shaft itself does not need to do dynamic balancing. If bracket of gyro wheel of HS type mount, also can use as general balancing machine. Undertake to main shaft component proper balance is mixed corrective. If the main shaft component of high speed machine tool uses synchronism belt annulus procrastinates move, when doing dynamic balancing, HS balancing machine is secured with special fixture and gearing and drive main shaft rotates. Main shaft is an axis kind spare parts, need to be balanced completely in the ability on two correction plane, the end panel before choosing main shaft commonly and hind and synchronous flute profile take a rotate to be two school front. But if main shaft component is used, is electric main shaft, rotate speed is in 60000 ~ 80000r/min, want to achieve G0.

4 balances accuracy class must make dynamic balancing together with main shaft casing, be about to main shaft casing is secured in balancing machine bracket on, receive on from drive power source, what can measure a main shaft on HS type is tiny lopsided quantity, show in electric main shaft emplacement undertakes going weighing, measureable lopsided quantity can amount to the least the rest 0.

1g · Mm. Choose what high accuracy and Gao Ke rely on a gender to survey a system. In practice, the main shaft package of manufacturer of machine tool production is average breed much, appearance is corrective and complex, difficult, measured a system to raise very tall requirement to balancing machine. The newest measurement on international the system measures fast range wide, measure time weak point, those who use is liquid crystal screen, data shows the function is powerful, according to the diverse demand of the user, can have vector and weight two kinds of indication means, the lopsided amount that cause waits as a result of keyway, clamping apparatus before installation to main shaft component, measure a system to be able to undertake compensating beforehand. If other function is lopsided to the self check function of equipment, automatic computation the quantity function, function that print, counterbalance and public errand show automatically, have more online detect wait a function a moment, here differ one give uncecessary details. Shen Ke company still has appropriative tool balancing machine additionally, in order to solves the dynamic balancing problem of the generation when cutting of cutting tool high speed. CNC Milling CNC Machining