Deep aperture adds the efficient solution of labour

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In the production cost of car component, although the proportion that place of cutting tool charge holds has hundred only, but car manufacturer people the requirement that still put forward to reduce cutting tool cost. With respect to cutting tool itself character, it is the treatment efficiency through raising oneself, OK to prolong service life the proportion that reduces its to be occupied in the place in producing cost. Hold production cost for cut past 15% ~ the cutting fluid cost of 20% , cutting of dry type, half dry type gets progressively promotion, those who begin to replace a tradition is wet cutting. Meanwhile, tool production manufacturer begins to will get used to the cutting tool commercialization of cutting of dry type, half dry type, with reducing the production cost of component further. In cutting cutting tool, kong Jia is versed in used bit realizes cutting of dry type, half dry type not easily especially. When undertaking type is machined working, because cannot pass use refrigerant to achieve refrigeration and lubricant result, the temperature that causes cutting position can rise quickly, make edge wears away quickly, quickness of cutting tool life shortens. It is especially in the aperture treatment of easy save up of heat in metal cutting, the meeting after frit knot is fallen off on cutting tool by treatment material causes the remarkable loss of edge, plus the effect discharging bits that lacks cooling fluid, it is very easy to cut bits to jam cause broach to break off, make treatment not stable. Those who make a person regretful is, up to now, what the dry type of aperture machines is practical change still fail to come true. Current, besides the treatment of material of alloy of aluminium alloy, heat-resisting, the treatment of half dry type that uses least quantity refrigerant is getting popularize and popular, already also began to get adoption in deep aperture treatment, the deep aperture that is like the L/D=10 above that still machines very hard up to now can have entered a law to undertake was machininged with blame pace. Before deep aperture treatment basically uses high-speed steel broach, gun to get. Bend to prevent opening and use treatment of small feed means, receive means treatment to prevent to cut bits to jam and use a situation, cause manufacturing efficiency all the time very low. Now, this problem had gotten settlement, the bit of can achieve efficient, high quality to machine hard alloy whole that development of company of 3 water chestnut gives (show 1 times like the graph) , had gotten applied in automobile manufacturing industry at present. Graph treatment of 1 deep aperture uses bit of hard alloy whole the characteristic of broach of whole of this kind of hard alloy is helix appearance of the chamfer that discharge bits by narrow broaden, treatment L/D > does not need a pace to enter feed when the deep aperture of 20, can realize successive feed, complete treatment. When machining nodular cast iron, if the graph is shown 2 times, use common broach cutting, when L/D=5.

3 when can get head happening to break off because of cutting bits to jam phenomenon and cannot continue to machine. And use newest deep aperture treatment to use bit of hard alloy whole, the deep Kong Ye of L/D=25 can enter feed means to realize stable treatment with blame pace, and the rise that did not see cutting motivation is used up. Graph 2 cutting function compares what Nextpage graph shows 3 times is newest deep Kong Jia labour uses hard alloy whole broach and before the parallel case that deep aperture treatment uses broach cutting time. Use a diameter to be diametical 6mm inside cold model broach, treatment hole depth is the deep aperture of 150mm, use the groovy cutting requirement that recommends severally to undertake machining respectively. The result shows, the handling time of broach of integral hard alloy is the 1/5 that machines means before about (compare with gun getting) ~ 1/10 (compare with photograph of high-speed steel broach) improved manufacturing efficiency considerably. Graph 3 compare with what machine a method before (handling time) the graph has one on the crankshaft of 4 shown car component inclined and lubricate greatly the aperture that use oil, use high-speed steel broach or gun to get treatment before. Machine efficiency to rise, build economy, agile flexible production, can use machining center to form product line, use bit of hard alloy whole. Be in considering protective environment problem while, the treatment of this spare parts used treatment of half dry type to replace wet treatment. The life that works the tool when type is machined partly can amount to 72m/reg, rose to traditional tool 1.

8 times. Even if with wet treatment is compared, also can get the life of coequal above. Graph 4 treatment example (crankshaft is machined) at the same time, in the connecting rod treatment of following conditions: □ is machined material: Diameter of broach of □ of carbon steel S55C: Diametical 6mm, inside cold model □ cutting parameter: Vc=80m/min, fr=0.

2mm/r □ hole depth: The use of 126mm this broach and before tool photograph is compared, service life increased 1.

5 times. Predict deep aperture machines the requirement that uses bit to will increase further, machining those who use bit to be born because of deep aperture is with by private plane product line to the FTL that forms with machining center (flexible transmission product line) of the be identical of development trend photograph of change. Now, the cutting of half dry type of aluminous treatment has gotten use in partial user. But to get longer service life, in the process that still improving its structure appearance further, use DLC in the consideration (kind diamond) the measure such as physical coating. To reduce the weight of the car further, the dosage of aluminous material still will increase ceaselessly. Be in not far in the future, people can see apply to all sorts of broach of aluminous material treatment. CNC Milling CNC Machining