Numerical control mill the structure of machine program and commonly used code

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1. Numerical control mill the structure of machine program a process of whole numerical control mill begins content of part, program, program to end 3 parts to comprise by the program. (1) the beginning of program of numerical control mill partial program name is a program begin a share, the beginning that also is a program labels, in offerring the program list in memory of numerical control device, search, call. Program name is piled up by the address commonly and 4 number number is comprised. Yard of common program definition address is O, P or % . (2) the body that content of program content program is whole process, by many block composition. Every block by a certain number of word composition, every word is piled up by the address and a certain number of digital composition. Instruction word represents some information unit, represent a position of the machine tool or an action. (3) end of program of program end share is general by M02 of auxiliary function code (the program ends an instruction) or M30 (program end dictates and return a program to begin to dictate) composition. 2. The meaning of the word in block (1) the book that format of block format block is the word in pointing to a block, character and data writes regulation. At present commonly used is word address but type of program Duan Ge, it ends a symbol to comprise by statement size word, data word and block. Of every word initial it is an English letter, call word address code, word address is piled up but type of program Duan Ge expresses place to show as follows. The address of word of familiar pattern N156GGXYZABCFM that expresses block piles up but the characteristic of type of program Duan Ge is: Order is arranged severally early or late in block and lax case, the word that does not need and the word that with on one block identical continuity uses can omit; There can be many G instruction or G code in each block; The word of data but much but little, the order is brief, intuitionistic, make mistake not easily, get be used extensively consequently. (2) suitable serial number of abbreviation of block serial number expresses with the number normally, the coronal is returned to have identifier date N before the number, system of contemporary numerical control is a lot of mediumer do not seek block order, block date can omit. (3) function of G of abbreviation of function of preparative function preparation, by express to prepare G of functional address accord with and digital composition, be like G01 of linear interpolation instruction, g dictates the symbol of code already was standardized. G code expresses to prepare a function, the purpose is to will control a system to set the condition that anticipates for some kind beforehand, or mode of some kind of treatment and condition, for example G00 installs the machine tool beforehand for rapid movement condition. Preparative function understands the implication of itself, g code will make the process designing instruction after controller accepts G code with a kind of special kind. (4) word of coordinate word coordinate is comprised by coordinate address accord with and number, undertake permutation by certain order, each groups of numbers must have front of the X of address accord with that piles up as the address, Y, Z, the address accord with of each reference axis presses the row is arranged orderly, x, Y, Z, U, V, W, P, Q, R, A, B, C, among them, x, Y, Z is the terminal coordinate value that cutting tool moves. Block will explain coordinate value is very mode or increment mode, it is imperial unit or metric units, the athletic kind that reachs target place is rapid movement or sharp movement. (5) function of feed of feed function F is comprised by F of feed address accord with and number, the number shows the feed rate of a make choice of. (6) function of rotate speed of main shaft of S of function of main shaft rotate speed is comprised by S of accord with of main shaft address and number, the number shows main shaft rotate speed, the unit is Rpm. (7) function of cutting tool of T of cutting tool function is comprised by T of address accord with and number, in order to assigns the number of cutting tool. (8) auxiliary function assists function of functional abbreviation M, comprise by M of accord with of auxiliary operation address and number. (9) what block ends symbolic block to end a symbol to be put in block is the last after useful character, represent the end of block, because control is different, end to Fu Yinggen sets according to process designing manual and be decided. Those who need a specification is, the instruction of numerical control machine tool has level of a lot of formats in the world. As the development of numerical control machine tool, its system function is more powerful, use more convenient, between system of different numerical control, the meeting on block format is put in certain difference, because this is in specific control the process designing form that wants to understand system of its numerical control carefully when machine tool of some numerical control. CNC Milling CNC Machining